Time forgives all, even in hell
I hungered for the touch of a succubus and Baal could tell
Forgiven isn't a word that is use, Hell just chooses to look the other way
To ignore I Is Me and allow him to carry on with his day

This because Hell was taking on heavy casualties, in it's pursuit of I Is Me
A bounty had been placed on his head but he wouldn't go down easily
The essence of demons returned to hell with screams that shattered
I Is Me was a spawn without a master, killing demons, and nothing else mattered

Word was slowly circulated the bounty had been rescinded, hell was taken back
The bounty was the bounty, every demon knew hell never retracted
To reenter the gates of hell, I Is Me was forced to attack
With visions of teeth mark along his shaft and into the depth of his crack

With no concept of time, he spied on the comings and goings at hell's gates
Cerberus disguise as a mortal's dog lies on his stomach whining, he simply can't wait
To reenter hell and don his immortal form, as Hell's hound and guardian of the gate
He can't wait for a daily meal of those that chose hell as their fate

When the time was right and the guards were the fewest
I Is Me told Cerberus, "come on let's do this"
How do you scare a demon out of a fucking dream
Cerberus took his form to the extreme, As I Is Me donned the form of demon supreme

With his adamantine sword, and with surgical precision
With Cerberus feeding off the essence pouring from each incision
They battled their way in to the bowels of Hell
Like Attila and his Huns or so the story will tell

With demons fleeing as they pillaged and raped into the levels below
Essence and magma tinted cum continually flowed
Some of the stronger jumped ship and joined forces with Cerberus and I Is Me
Other were allowed to flee because they didn't have any pussy

But as they reached the lower depths, the levels with demons and succubus with reps
The heat intensified matched only by the battles, the succubus howled as their pussies wept
Back to back they wage war down into hell step after step, with the defeated continuing to help
The hierarchy of hell is to be forever changed, as each foot gained was kept

Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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