Fallen Pt.4

Hell is on my trail her legions are everywhere
Why kill a succubus if indeed you didn't care
I made it out of the pit with all powers intact
Cerberus is mine still programmed to attack

The forces of hell has orders to bring back this spawn's head
What the fuck can they do when I'm already dead
Cerberus is a made bitch, cut his head off and it will grow back on
It is the spawn I Is Me that they really want, and they can bring it on

I saw him at the podium, mouth fucking everyone's ear
He was gonna clean up this town, he was gonna bring jobs here
He was telling everyone that everything must be above board
But when he gets in office, that's like striking the mother lode

Cerberus doesn't like him, my rottweiler can't stop growling
Cerberus remembers him from the pit and his talent for prowling
We blend into the crowd and made our way from there
Cerberus has to be pacified, he wanted to transform right there

But we have to regroup and come up with a plan
We have to know the opposing force down to the very last man
This is no lower level demon trying to work his way up
He has sat at the head of the council and doesn't give a fuck

He knew I were there, he could fucking smell us
We saw his hair raise up on end and that look of disgust
He wants to transform and show his true might
He's heard of I Is Me and he's prepared for a fight

Cerberus and I engage in the deepest of surveillance
Slowly picking off the lower level demons when given a chance
He knows we're coming and thinks he's prepared
He's told the more powerful demons they had best beware

But my time here has been spent wisely
I searched high and low for, Harpe, the sword that decapitated Medusa nicely
He doesn't know of Harpe and thinks Cerberus is still in the pit
As I said before Cerberus is made, his signal doesn't transmit

Slowly but surely we whittled his forces down
It was approaching midnight when me and Harpe hopped the fence of his compound
They knew we were there, they could smell our stench
One by one Harpe sent their asses back to the trench

By the time I entered the house, he was ready to transform
Wings unfolding, from his head was sprouting horns
He voice his pleasure at the chance for my bounty
He said he didn't think I could best him even with Harpe

He watched in amazement as I put away the sword
He thought for sure that my life was now void
Both my horn and wings began to retract
Revealing Cerberus behind me ready to attack

He did see Cerberus for what he really was
He called him a mangy mutt, following a lost cause
He laughed with the sounds of hell as I stepped aside
Cerberus transformed right there in front of his eyes

I walked out of the house closing the door behind me
It's kind of embarrassing to hear a demon supreme plea
His energy is really what Cerberus needed
And as I heard the screams of hell, I knew he had been defeated

Cerberus came out as a rottweiler, licking his chops
I leaned over and scratched behind his ear giving him, his props
Tomorrow we will be moving on, we can't stay here any more
If we don't hell will be at our door with demons galore

Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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