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The Cindy Chronicles #19

May 25, 2021 - Xavier pleasured me on my birthday, that was his gift to me. I'm waiting for him to surprise me again, considering he's not much into giving oral pleasure. Just like I'm still waiting for him to come get the massage table for the day of pleasure he says he still owes me...
December 7, 2021 - Tonight we are going to celebrate my birthday and the year Xavier has been back in my life.
"Hello, Xavier. You can park in the driveway tonight. Be careful, the driveway is slippery...don't want you to break before it gets slippery up here."
"Umm, okay."
"Well, you don't have to, you can just watch."
"Umm, okay."
"Up to you...I'd rather you participate, I hit me here all the time. Besides, how can I do everything I have planned on myself? Not so much."
"Yes, I will assist you and if you really wanted everything you have planned, I know you, you would do them solo. Not sure they would feel the same."
"Not solo and definitely not tonight...and this is for you."
"This is your birthday, so it's for you."
"How about this is for the both of us? I'm so wet for you."
Xavier sent a water squirting emoji.
"Mm, hmm."
Xavier got here at 9:00pm and was greeted by a black curtain hanging in the doorway and then a dark room lit by candlelight, a diffuser with essential oils, a new sultry sex playlist, wine glasses and fruit on the table, soft wool socks and the massage table with black sheets and a note; "Put these on and nothing else. I want you naked under the sheet. Lay on your back. Let's make new memories."
I had to turn up the heat and the wool socks were expensive. With the neuropathy in his feet so bad, I'm surprised he's still in the country and not the Dominican Republic, where he likes to go in the winter.
After a few minutes, I walked quietly into the room, naked except my 4" heels. I walked to the head of the table and sat on the chair I placed there and began to give Xavier a scalp and facial massage. His bald head felt good under my hands, and I knew he liked it because a low moan escaped his lips.
I got up and slowly walked to the side of the table and peeled back the sheet slowly, dragging it over his rock-hard muscles, stopping every few inches as I gazed at his marvelous body. Xavier couldn't hide his excitement, which was evident by the shift in the part of the sheet still covering his groin and right thigh. Knowing Xavier, I'm sure he was struggling to just lay there and not grab me, wrestle me to the table and fuck me.
I had every intention of continuing to pull down the sheet and then give him a hand massage before I moved to his legs. I wanted this to feel good for him, but I also wanted him to go mad with sexual urgency. However, when I finally pulled the sheet of and saw his glorious manhood, I couldn't help myself and I crawled up on the table, got between his legs and took all of him.
Xavier asked me once if I like pleasuring him so much because it gives me a sense of power. I told him no then, but it was a lie. I love that I can take down a 6' 240lb man and have him begging for more when I'm working my magic.
"Xavier, we have to toast the anniversary of our reconnecting," "Girl, you crazy? Now?" Xavier said, sounding quite exasperated. I got the wine and just after we toasted, Xavier poured the Sangria on my nipple and began to lick. Then gently grabbing me behind the neck, he invited my tongue to dance with his on the nipple so starved for attention.
We played out my dream from the other day minus the handcuffs and blindfold. He was pretty slick, I didn't even know what was happening at first, but when he put my hands behind my back and told me to "kneel and worship my king," as he stood in front of me, I knew, and I went a 'lil crazy...
I knelt before Xavier, obediently placing my hands behind my back and looked up at him. Our eyes never leaving each other, I put out my tongue and waited for him to come closer. Leaning in, I breathed the scent of him, and my mind went haywire. In one fell swoop, I had him at my throat. As he was standing, he could no longer see my eyes and I knew he didn't like that, so I stopped and said, "if it will please you my king, I would like to nestle myself between your thighs as you lay on the chaise."  Xavier moved to the chaise, and rather than kneel on the carpet, I got on the end of the chaise, between his legs, one foot planted outside his right leg then squatted to the side and sat on my other thigh, giving him a full view of my rose.  
"That's fucking beautiful, slave," Xavier said and because he called me slave, I became instantly wet. He knew, he could see it in my eyes.
"Look at me," he commanded.
As I lowered my head, I had to shift and stick out my ass slightly.
"I can't see her now. Touch yourself and show me how wet you are."
I began to touch my sacred place, fingers circling, pulsing and my mind was above the stars. Xavier Crown was back in my life again after 30 years. I lifted my hand in the air while I was still pleasuring him, just to show them glistening and then, my magical king said the four words I will never forget.
"Now it's your turn."
Written by Her
Author's Note
to be continued
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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