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A Stink Bomb Has Risen From Hell (Speaking To The Beast-Incantation)

Oh, you are such a foolish child  
The only address of your obscurity you reign is in Hell as you reside † † †
Darkness comes to me for answers rewarded with spiritual pride † † †
Your thorns may it pierce you in thy eyes † † †
Pluck out the sight offend thee not, feed it unto the sacrificed as being the castrated vessel by and by † † †
†† † †
Jezebel painted lips † † †
Ugliness surrounding such harsh femininity, an aura reeking of filth † † †  
Distressed razor tongue, upon the stance of your presence, I hawk and then spit † † †
Step into the light in this realm we call life † † †
What Lucifer your father cannot control, or bargain for their soul † † †  
Battered emotions becomes the serpentís strife † † †
† † †  
The light is always found in the beauty of sacred truth † † †
A dark pulsate can only clarify how to hate and systematically abuse † † †  
Cleanse your ambiance and set the festering demons radiating the dimness, hindering your glow, lose † † †
Oh, thy black rose planted in chaos, your bloody petals, demise unto the putrid temptation to touch † † †
The screen of your castle is only in a sense of virtual world that you venomously pledge unto much † † †
Sunrise to sunset, long tail dangling from the seat you sit upon which you allure for an ancient rush † † †
† † †  
No wisdom or knowledge your acidity dialect cannot teach † † †
Deafening of ears to spiritual preach † † †
Dead of the mind to have faith in your words to divinely reach † † †
The past of your wickedness fourscore to see † † †
Discarded to grow, thrive outside a fragile mind as a young seed † † †
You are the pale horse that evil rides † † †
In your house of depravity, winds, storms, and thunder refuses to hide † † †
The four elements you cannot bend or twist, warfare, stealing of birthrights is your generational gifts † † †
† † †  
I drugged you on my shores, getting in your mind, weakened you in the battle, a lesson in learning even shit can be flushed out It still emanates its foulness with trying to define its shout † † †
In the burdensome of reality, I am the clout † † †
Many moons ago wise tongues have come before me, unto these incantations you have been told about † † †
† † †  
Prickled hearts with falsehood of youth, no more found in the glorious heart fluttering gush † † †
Spindling the curse of your own destiny in stone you embed of such † † †
Your heart bleeds of death and destruction from the pentagram of ancestral obtuse † † †
I fear not what I can conjure, summon, or chant, it is the blessings by rite of passage coursing through my veins † † †
The receiver and deliverer rooted in the present of righteous by the blood of my name † † †
You speak of riddles, yet encased in your own bitterness and tormenting rain † † †
The yin and yang, the duality of your own mental confusion of distain † † †
† † †  
Lucifer could not get peace no matter where he slivered and roamed † † †  
Unto the highest mountain he tempted the light to sit upon the righteous throne † † †
Those who see with that third mystical eye † † †
Recognizing you are the half man and donkey ass that shoots crooked arrows at the sky † † †
Reaping tears unto the stars the Heavenís defend † † †  
No one lives forever and repent not of their sin † † †
You may muddle Jinn † † †  
No imaginative cognitive in the DNA of you † † †  
Hollowed words only commence as being the dimwitted fool † † †  
The darkness cannot ordain death upon the thistles of its own thorns † † †
Wretched in carnage from the circle of life, mind, body, spirit, and heart will always be jagged and torn † † †
† † †  
Unto the calling of death in a split second mangled of splattered glass † † †
Reconstructed treasure of insignificant trash † † †
Crashed upon the fate, two times, shall be your last † † †
In thy valley of the shadow of death † † †
Upon your smite, the feast upon your skin once again shall be felt † † †
The hounds of Hell in between your legs you pet † † †
Unlike the feline, nine lives of ancient, worshipped more than the Ankh itself † † †
Two strikes upon your skin in the lamination shall be your downfall † † †
Trice upon the feet you will not stand tall † † †
† † †  
Of the intellect you bring dimness in the rays of Dawnís early light † † †
Hell in your persona unto midnight † † †
Mental unforgiving comes in the daylight by Heavensí sight † † †
Unto the moon your songs are filled with injustice, and earthy contrite † † †
A bird can sing from the nest, does not mean it can always fly † † †
Mistuned awareness and impaired to bridge knowledge and wisdom for the questions given from the sky † † †
Old soul that roams on its belly as a demoness in wolf clothing, entitled the beast † † †
Drink unto pandemonium your own blood in good faith for the dark clouds shall hover, in your sheets † † †  
In rest when you need to sleep † † †  
For a worthless soul even the divine Creator refuses to keep † † †
† † †  
Mirror mirror on the wall mankind take a bite of my rotten apple as a siren, I call † † †
If you taste my offering you would be as I † † †
Your eyes will be wide open, and yet you will surely die † † †
In the dark presence in Hell I shall become your earthly bride † † †  
You will tell of my stench when the swan floats on the lake under a false moon that sits in the sky † † †
In my wake of annihilation I will emasculate you as if I am the Most High † † †
† † †  
In my illumination my shadow cast no warming light † † †
False illusion of words to blind and covet my lustful urges in flight † † †
As a dead Raven upon rose petals I stir I am She and Her † † †  
A kiss of death, as within my right † † †  
However, as the beast, an entity from the abyss only here to shadow the five phases of a moonlit night † † †
† † †  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 25th Jun 2022
Author's Note
This incantation is based solely upon Enchanted and the picture it evokes upon the inspiration to channel that particular vibe...

This poetic journey has been so thrilling thus far to be given...
This incantation is based solely upon Enchanted and the picture it evokes upon the inspiration to channel that particular vibe...

This poetic journey has been so thrilling thus far to be given the chance to write, which what was once my first genre and all the beautiful earthy renditions and energy Mother Nature whispers to you to scrawl upon your sacred canvas in repect

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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