Image for the poem A Stink Bomb Has Risen From Hell (Spooks And Spells IV of V)

A Stink Bomb Has Risen From Hell (Spooks And Spells IV of V)

Honor unto my sacrifices by the hounds barking thier escaping from my legion
ordained in hell † †
Howling to counsel, I bring the rains of brimstones as a sacred warning † †
to give you liberty in the welding of my sword or reprisal I slash of † †
fallen murky tales † †
 † †
Amputations of mortals who denounce amulets devoid of earthy spells † †
Queen of destitute I enslave † †
Clawing to the temple, bloody remnants in the path of its † †
ruin and rage † †
Warnings of approaching imminent not uttered in this world † †
Let the commence of swords clash to a headless pale horseman † †
detestable glee I unfurl † †
 † †
The thirst to exterminate whose cursed voices echoes across thy † †
hemispheres of lands † †
You know not when the time of avoidance to seal the oath † † †
Never to bow to any woman, he, she, or man † †
 † †
Silence when branding weapons to the enemy found in the tornadoes spun † †
words of venomous ruse † †
Spoken trickery to cast stones, footsteps you shall stand, in your † †
nakedness bitterness to succumb, to the wickedness you will face defeat befalls under the moonís abuse † †
Sticks and snakes hurt and crush brittle bones † †
To the hindrance of malice, idiocy, repulsiveness it conceals, refusing to atone † †
Poof unto the charm of bellowing black magicís smoke † †
Last rites before the weight of words slices your throat † †
 † †
The silhouette of your soul I annihilate the spit of death in the ashes, strewn, blown, scattered, be gone † †
Darkness shall sing the everlasting forsaken ritual bloodletting songs † †
Never to utter words energy given once has said † †
Arrogance of lessen power to slew then bite off the head † †
Pinning the heart in the dark † † †
The crows with hair nipped between kaki Mudra for the conjuring work of art † †
 † †
Ignorance in the view quietness in the fog when coming † †
To my army of gnomes, lacerations shall be sliced of skin to the † †
jester and to the dummy † †
Sending the devil back down to his bed down under † †
Tastes in the quest avenges, awakens the third eye even in the midst of slumber † †
Times marks death in silent numbers † †
 † †
How long must devious plot think it can deceive the moon, the night, the skies † †
I am the the darkness upon the universe mist the wise gift of the owl to gloat in the † †
labyrinth as I journey to raise your severed head after the demise † †
The stench of eradication in the wind I call † † †
Properties of my elements finds to enthrall
Benediction unto earth, mankind reaps the blood as darkness falls
A cold wind blows of modern times
When evilness and wickedness is seen from one single eye † †

 † † †
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
In the past, poetry came in the form of spells and chants used to effect change (Rewrite)

John Barton
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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