SHADOW DANCE         (7-23-2000, Galveston Island, Texas)

morning sun
throws its warm gold
across  upon into
my shirtless
as its all embracing
bright light
brands this long road
up ahead of me
as i ride
and roll on
my bike
ever further
into this strong
salty gulf breeze
as my shadow
precedes me
along this remote
open beach road
fleetingly hiding
in other shadows
i occasionally
pass through
along my way
where larger tree shadows
so cooly so sweetly
though much too briefly
swallow me whole
momentarily refreshing
my body  my senses
mind  spirit
and soul
in my gentle passing
each brief
cool shade
a welcoming friend
inspiring me on
for six or seven miles
over  across and through
all these sun gilt
daydream shallows
yet something transcends
and overwhelms
any conscious
or subconscious
ambitions or desires
i may have
in wanting to control
this free flowing
as im caught up
and lost
in this trance like
hypnotic dance
of such subtly moving
shadow plays
quiet moments
reflectively absorbed
along my way
in my gentle passings
passive observance
with no need
to think
at all
comforted by
the soothing motion
of all these intermittent
swaying shadows
dancing underneath me
like fluid puzzle pieces
to larger patches
of surrounding sunlights
all encompassing
cosmic touch
and like
this visual river
of hypnotically moving
yin  yang
currents and eddies
now flowing
my transfixed eyes
calling me
pulling me
ever further upstream
as i roll
blissfully onward
under this
broad  blue
magnificently yielding
mind blowing
benevolent sky
where these stray
feeling words
keep falling softly
like late autumn leaves
floating off
and away
into  upon
the receptive
calm stream
of my absorbent
tuned in
zen flow minds
spontaneous free release
of all these
spilled out
impressionistic words
mirrored here
as they occurred
only dancing shadows too
quietly drifting by
within my mind
and senses
here in
my gentle passing
where later on tonight
upon my return
back home
even in my sleep
dream tides
will silently arise
where timeless time
as well
will effortlessly
slough off
the inner depths
of nights sweet grasp
wherein this day
and all
ive sensed
seen and felt
within its flowing
unfolded dreams
transcendently filtered
and where
even more magical
days like today
can be more deeply
more intuitively interpreted
and measured
to gain
more richness
of higher meaning
beyond the more common
egoic minds
more deceptive
interpretive impressions
more linear
three d
many false masks
where days
like this day
i had today
can too often
much too easily be
and divided
into misguided measurements
of broken
mere shadows
illusions and light
but here now
in retrospect tonight
before i turn out
the lights
to fully surrender
to sleep
and completely let go
yet again
into whatever dreams
may come
that all of this here
all these
spontaneous spilled out
intuitively filtered impressions
were all equally
spontaneously inspired
and naturally
borne forth
up from
my shadow dance
bike ride
earlier today
in my gentle passing
along that
wondrous  dancing
shadow mottled
sunlit  open

Written by OyateInyanNajin
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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