Have a truly lousy birthday William Windsor replete with chronic indigestion and rampant diarrhoea!

By Stanley Collymore

Alternatively as it's your birthday
first class hypocrite William you
could actually invite several of  
the same homeless people to your
birthday party and while there get
your transparently spoilt offspring
to meet them. But oh no! Nothing
like that will ever happen! So stop
these rather sickeningly distinctly  
vile, PR gimmicks of yours as well
as your obvious, virtue-signalling
pretences. As it's very irrefutably  
a naturally crass idea contrivedly
taking highly privileged children  
to see rough sleepers and vilely
after their distinctly patronizing  
trip is done, happily return with
their fully armed security detail
in luxury vehicles, to the Palace
they call home. Disreputable as
well because all rough sleepers  
whether your lot accept reality
or not, are crucially still human
beings; not animals in a zoo to
be condescendingly stared at!

So if you actually want to help
William, why don't you really  
utilize some of your own as
well as your family's vile, unearned
wealth to provide places of shelter  
for these very hapless people and  
attendantly so and generally also
with meals, which they can stave
off their hunger- cum starvation,
with? Not generally, having your
actually, privileged and entitled
brats stupidly gawking at them
on the streets then afterwards
basically going back home to a
multi-room palace with daddy  
and mummy, equally nannies;
served dainty sumptuous and  
appetizing meals by servants;
and most naturally of course,
obligatorily attend expensive  
private schools, where coldly
there's truly not a snowflake  
in hell's chance of these kids  
ever remotely, really finding
themselves: willingly, or any
other sense in the company
of clearly homeless people!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
21 June 2022.

Author's Remarks:  
It was globally reported at the time that Diana when it eventually and inescapably dawned on her how insidiously and egregiously Charles in tandem with his mistress Camilla, and others, had both ongoingly and abominably treated her; pregnant with you William and with no one genuinely sympathetic towards or appreciative of her enforcedly occasioned problems by her own husband Charles either within the Windsors or even her own Spencer family, the latter so because of their deeply entrenched sycophancy to this medieval mindset mafia Klan in the then 20th Century, and notwithstanding the fact that Charles had previously also bedded both of Diana's older sisters, Diana consciously and despairingly threw herself down a flight of stairs in order to precipitate a miscarriage and accordingly terminate her pregnancy.

That baby Diana was carrying and desperately wanted to be rid of, not because of the lack of any material instincts on her part but principally because of the untenable situation she was perniciously placed in, was YOU William!

Hindsight I know is an extraordinary thing; but in all honesty on my part, and someone who has always had the deepest affection for, respect and an unalloyed sympathy for and empathy with Diana, and always will, at the callous and calculatedly inimical fashion she was treated by the Windsors who I equally and unequivocally hold responsible for her murder - yes you did read that correctly - never mind all that, Diana not wearing a seatbelt shit, in the backseat of a car, I ask you, and at a time when seatbelts were specifically allocated to the driver and front seat passenger areas only? And even now in 2022, the 21st Century one can still find cars where the seatbelts are still distinctly limited to the driver and passenger front seat areas - planned and calculatedly, intentionally executed murder in Diana's case which it undoubtedly was and for patently obvious reasons. But this dastardly act toxically evil as it was depriving the world of a truly humane individual; I nevertheless most wholeheartedly wish that Diana even though she intensely loved both her children, but on my part consciously aware of and bearing in mind how you William have turned out as the totalitarian mindset, populist, self-servingly, PR proselytizing and perniciously leaking with racist motives against your sister in law Meghan, white supremacist ideology that makes the American Deep South KKK and Trumpsters look like amateurs, that Diana had truly succeeded in her quest that day to affect a miscarriage and had essentially gotten rid of you. But I'm not alone in this, for it's an intensely trending mood now across CARICOM, and for your own good it would be personally beneficial if you, your likeminded Stepford wife broodmare and entitled sprogs kept away from Mustique. I'm a Bajan and we Bajans don't make threats, which we know are illegal, we  just elucidate categorical promises! However, what I've just mentioned isn't characteristically Bajan, as we got rid of your lot in 2021 after 396 years and are now a Republic! But the mood against you and Kate is very pervasive across Caricom , and though one I wholeheartedly share, I'm just doing my job as a journalist and simply reporting what Caricom sources have told me. So don't say you haven't been warned!

After all why should an obtuse but ironically sickening racist like you William well aware of what racist, Nazi and Fascist rags like the Daily Mail did to your mother and are actively essaying to do with your brother Harry's wife, purely because she isn't white, have you or your ilk luxuriating in Mustique or any other part of Caricom? It works both ways buddy! And to concur with these sentiments of mine; there's an old Bajan saying: "God never sleeps and acts in His own way and time!" And with you very much in mind and the likes too of Dominic Raab, I'm most assuredly convinced that God will!



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