Treasured Trash

Being who she is, no one would fuck with her but me
Representing everyone else's past, but to me she is destiny
The best of her days could easily had been in her last bowl
But here we are standing at the birth of creation watching life unfold

I see a gorgeous young lady, mentally quick as shit
Her future has no boundaries,because of her wit
But she's covered in a shroud of every negative emotion there is
Jealousy radiates as she enters a room, not only gorgeous, but also a whiz

The females are plotting, just how protected can a teacher's pet be
Is it worth getting kicked out of school to show my boyfriend she isn't better than me
And as always the guys are lusting with only intentions to defile
Get her somewheres and fuck her ass silly, that should make her smile

Working alone they could never penetrate your fortress
So to topple her defenses, they decided to join forces
The girls would come on strong, pretending to be her friend
While the guys patiently waited, they would get theirs in the end

Caught totally off guard, the most popular girls showing her interest
There were trips to the mall and sleep overs, raining down personal request
But remember these are her enemies and there's a plot playing out
Their ultimate fucking goal is to break her down before turning her ass out

Plans are made, a party disguised as another sleepover
Once all the girls get there, then the boys will creep over
It isn't her house, she can't ask anyone to leave
The music was cranked up, there was alcohol along with trees

It started with a sip, with a little coke that wasn't to bad
They started playiing truth or dare, and smoking out of a little bag
Personal things were disclosed, because she didn't want to make anyone mad
The boys are secretly massaging themselves thinking of making her gag

Slowly but surely, the plan starts to unfold
Truth or dare turns into five minutes in the closet, with hands all under her clothes
She's given more alcohol and told to, "hold that smoke girl"
After passing out she come through and there is a tongue giving her clit a swirl

There are hands and lips all over her body
The boys are taking turns making her the life of the party
The girls are taking turns kissing her mouth and sucking her tits
Someone took fucking pictures and posted that shit

There she was covered in joint ashes and cum
How could she had trusted these people, she now really feel dumb
She remember all the pain and all of them laughing in school the week
She remember during the court appearances as they called her a sexual freak

After all was said legally they got their just do's from the courts
Each sentence to time in jail and may be becoming someone else's sport
But she, she never fully recovered, school was never the same
She traded the joints for something stronger, trying to mask the pain

Men came and went, drugs would also always come
All in an effort to keep the realities of such a harsh world, emotionally numb      
But then with annihilation in plain view, a reverse of the big bang
I reached in with hope and pulled you from  Destruction's hand

And there you were a raw gem, uncut or polished
Together we began nurturing and rebuilding the parts that were demolished  
I just couldn't stop the tears as I watched you walk up on that stage
The story book of your life finally reopened, and this is our first chapter, first page          
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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