So It's Okay, If I Drop Kick Your Poodle , Then?

Oh, it's not?
Now wait a minute--
wasn't "anarchy" defined as :
A complete lack of governance, resulting  
in lawlessness, and
for some, a utopian society

(and also what happens if you leave
the toilet seat up, in my bathroom..)
So if there's no governance  
and no rules,
then it should be okay for me to drop kick
your yappy little dog.
Or walk into a store and take what I want
without paying
Or drive my car over your flower bed
because I feel like it
Or ...or...or...
There's no repercussions, so what's the big deal?
Oh, it hurt the dog and made you feel bad
when my boot met its muzzle.....
Ah,  perhaps then, anarchy isn't as Utopian  
as it's peddled to be,  
we can't be entirely lawless, and  
must have some self governance ....
(thereby causing the very definition to become
an oxymoron)
the Ten Commandments
aren't just a script for a Charlton Heston film..
God, himself has rules  
for playing in the sandbox , and
since I'm not God,
that's what makes me think twice
about kicking your dog.
Written by MadameLavender
Author's Note
Written for Carpe's "Anarchy" comp
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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