How much bullshit can one actually write about people of such little relevance other than Harry and Meghan?

By Stanley Collymore
Disgustingly obscene as it clearly  
naturally so, very transparently    
is to each discernibly evidently  
so sane intelligent individual with a  
functioning brain inside their head  
and who clearly does competently  
know how to effectively employ it,  
the Daily Mail rather intentionally  
and most discernibly fortuitously  
and financially using people who    
are evidently idiots, but crucially    
actually don't know this and too  
would obviously be most deeply    
offended if this patently serious  
impediment  of theirs was quite    
pointedly outlined to them and    
fittingly too, uncompromisingly;  
is actually, appallingly and truly  
self-servingly, dishonest to me!    
However, when inundated in their  
comments section with basically    
stupid remarks, essentially like    
one, effectively concerning William  
Windsor wife Catherine Middleton  
and their children is it any wonder  
that a country whose subjects not  
fittingly as it ought to be societally  
equal citizenry, are really nothing  
more than the evil brownnossing    
sycophants they literally are who  
joyously and flagrantly fawningly  
write such really mindbogglingly  
stupidly, and puerile glorifyingly  
public comments about William  
his broodmare Katie, their very
laughably, purported fidelity to  
each other and supposedly too  
outstanding and incomparable    
benefits to the Windsor family.  
Adding, in such ludicrously  
indoctrinated fashion that  
although William and, as  
well, Kate are essentially well to do  
they're actually not mega rich; are  
undeniably nice people that don't  
concertedly, or intentionally, ever  
actually, flaunt their hard earned  
wealth, that they rightly laudably  
and justifiably have; and actually  
what they always and essentially    
do, is nicely and decorously also  
undertaken! Actions distinctly in  
contrast to the literally new rich  
who only want to show off their  
lousy wealth to everybody, and  
blatantly so - and this superbly
distinctively crucially, evidently
irrefutably, laughably situation    
causes me, with this especially  
natural, thoroughly justifiably;  
equally ingrained and likewise  
contemptibly understandable  
disdain for all those evidently    
crassly brainwashed morons,  
with their regular, tiresomely  
unhealthy, quite delusionally    
racist obsession distinctively    
too with Harry and Meghan!  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
19 June 2022.  
Author's Remarks:  
So accordingly on this specifically important Father's Day and perceptibly on my part in accordance with my distinctively honest and likewise unapologetic assertion I'll simply and publicly say this to a discernibly commendable Harry.    
Who I'm fully cognizant, as is usually ably admirably assisted by his rather fittingly evidently, quite reciprocally loving and excellent choice as a wife, quite unlike the characteristically so, absolutely blatantly inured pattern of rampantly amoral quite philandering and lasciviously serially adulterous and consistently ongoing behaviour that's staunchly ingrained in both the 21st Century and distinctly ongoingly paternal and also material branches of Harry's biological families  - I just couldn't resist that, the insufferable hypocrites (Lol)!  
And acccordingly dedicate this poem on this special Father's Day to Harry and doubtlessly embedded with the same impactful sentiments as those emanating fully from his loving wife and adorable children Archie and a truly gorgeous Lilibet. Two parents truly blessed!  
So Happy Father's Day Harry! Enjoy!  
Written by Academic
Published | Edited 3rd Aug 2022
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