How to Barbeque a Witch

***** Step one ******  
all great recipes start with anticipation  
with a little romance  
a bit of love  
and long slow simmering walks  
sunsets and spicy banter  
a little sarcasm as an option  
but I will leave that is up to you  
****** Step two *****  
now bring everything up to a boil  
degree by slow degree  
"is it getting warm in here?"  
"no my lovely witch, let me take your cloak"  
holding hands with the gentlest touch  
delicate strokes inside her wrist  
chase the hair away from her face  
exposing her arching neck  
as she leans in close  
the kiss of the butterfly on the nape of her neck  
she gives a quick little shudder  
***** Step three *****  
now to wait for fires to build  
the coals to stoke red  
she must give herself freely  
or she may turn you into a toad  
clothes disappear like magic  
your tongue teases tits  
sharp peaks of flame  
tracing lines of fire  
from tits to clit  
tasting it all  
***** Step four *****  
the seasonings are just right  
inhaling heady scents of sex  
the witch turns red hot and burning  
turning over  
you slide in from behind  
wet wet magic box  
she impales her clit upon your dick  
balls get smashed and you grown [it hurts]  
red hot and moaning  
but she needs brimstone and fire  
***** Step five *****  
you stroke her back with a whip  
the softest sensual touch  
the whip draws red  
she screams  
beads of blood welling up  
she cries and pleads  
"please make me bleed"  
brimstone and sulfur  
and unholy fire  
she comes with blinding flame  
to lie comatose  
in a dark embrace  
you desired a barbeque  
it only costed you your soul  
a small price to pay  
for the unearthly love of a witch
Written by APissPoorShaman (Ryszard)
Published | Edited 21st Jun 2022
Author's Note
I originally used this title for a different poem but it never fit that well, so this is my second attempt to use the title as a prompt for a poem. I hope you like it.
Written for a muse and a witch.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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