Poem For Oskar

I am imbued with
Things I know about myself, Series Vol., 1    
(Story poems)    
I am secretly    
the Christ Edward  
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please don't tell no one    
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Because of a prayer i Jesus, and he thinks in “Im just a person who takes hormones.” Until I forgot, pretends himself to be, special. Peek-a-boo. Like, as long as from the cross and be appears spiritually significant, because … reasons. Way. I don't think it, *everything* was blank. And then, place to be and just (of the word) extra susceptible since When I was a kid it's been—Woah, Edward thinks a lot with it. Find and to keep seeing myself as Edward is just Me. Cis makes me not to somehow be, and embarrassed by myself at the want to be normal. It's that. I wished i knew how to be. Just to be the transgender perceptions this way, as well, the cis, and the not. It was just—Edward thinks, and same time as seeing what is it has to be that thinks other people may think. Not a lot of people in his life between “I see a and b” and “I forgot about that and got married.”  But then to be made prior to there, although how to do it all, he told himself–and so believes–“No,” to seeing myself this way which just makes things mutate in my head into an interminable vicious games of thoughts until, The thing is, there is a perception of critical mass. Not like a terrible, frightening sickness? Himself, or not.” And this is just about being here, the intersection between pulling back…or not. It just seems so Head he thinks may be not be at the same time, instead of, i don't understand if September 11, 2001, it became—Edward “somehow the Christ.” I made that once just when i was certainly there's a case…hitting some kind of invisible does. I'd rather just escape at the same time. Then, sometime after, is all of this inside of mind that i can claim forth a little bit more, in some kind of way, He’s not Jesus? And recognize Young. But Edward is Edward And i was always incredibly, other than since a few months ago, a man,” guaranteed and bound woman though i am always. I've been stuck in this limbo, and I just want in any credible way to be seen as “a transgender woman.” And that's where the forward, the halting, the falling back, the creeping forth again in little bits and pieces, the moving to continue being seen and/or.
Written by Cloven_Zonkle
Published | Edited 28th Jun 2022
Author's Note
It's Operative. I just want to be Normal.
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