Daniel 9.26-27 is NOT About the TRIB !!

Verse 26 starts off with the execution of the Messiah. ("The Messiah shall be cut off..").
This is talking about the crucifixion of Christ.
The Jewish leaders' part in the killing of Christ was the worst abomination possible.
They literally could not commit a worse crime than that.
Logically, the rest of this passage should be about the CURSES in the Law of Moses which would befall the Jews for their part in the torture/killing of the Messiah, the only begotten SON OF GOD.
 And that is exactly what Daniel 9.26-27 is about !!
The curses in Deuteronomy 28 include defeat in war, the tearing down of the city walls by the enemy.
And the selling of the Jews into slavery by the victorious enemy army.
All of that is predicted in Dan.9.26-27.
It says "The [army] of the future ruler [Vespasian] will destroy the city and the sanctuary[the Temple]..Til the end of the war desolations are determined"(verse 26).
That last part would cover the selling of the Jews into slavery, etc.

Next, in verse 27 the length of the war is given as 7 years ("one week" of years).
It says "He [Vespasian/Titus] will confirm the Covenant [of Moses] for one week" - in other words 7 years.
 Now why would this sentence be referring to a war that will last 7 years ??
Because "the Covenant" here refers to ONE PART of the Covenant of Moses.
Namely the CURSES part.
 Which is mostly about WAR WAR WAR.
Let me paraphrase this passage this way:
  "He will confirm the CURSES of the Law of Moses for 7 years."
In other words, he will confirm thle predictions of WAR for 7 years. Now, this war, the first Roman-Jewish War ran from AD 66 to 70.
So how can we claim it, the war, was 7 years ??!!
Well the so-called experts that said the war ran from 66 to 70 FORGOT ABOUT MASADA !!
 The Roman seige of the stronghold of MASADA extended the war to AD 73 !!
And mid 66 to mid 73 DOES add up to 7 years !!
Which is what we are looking for !!

The well-reputed Encyclopedia Judaica dates the war this wsy: 66-70/73.
This shows that 73 is a VALID alternative end point for the Roman-Jewish War !!  
Since the 7 years meant by the words "one week"(verse 27) are taken care in the way I have explained, there is literally NO NEED for us to try to apply those 7 years to the End time TRIBULATION PERIOD !!
And so there is NO evidence whatsoever that the TRIB will last 7 years !!
On the contrary, Revelation 9.5,10 gives us an alternative length of time: a mere "5 months" !!
Only a masochist would choose the longer TRIB over the much shorter one.
Written by joegracegrace (Joe Grace)
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