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Bringing Down Scarface (It's Just A Matter Of Time  Part III)

Yeah Gee… that’s what I’m talking about, that so called undercover bitch trying to hustle the street as the top clit
Mask done slipped and letting the Cartels know the plastic looking swan hides behind a self-cartoonish facelift    
And have the nerve to be talking cash shit            
Not to worry, you know I don’t run when I clip wings            
And who don’t know that about you, my Queen            
I will heal a hoe’s ass up then snuff a poser out when singing they mama an enteral lullaby dream            
Silly rabbit tricks are for kids            
Trying to cook my dope without lifting the lid            
Trying to shed that gangsta creed            
At.. At.. At.. those book for dummies don't tell you the Nun Runner will make you bleed            
I rule these streets here.. you can't creep where I do not what you to breathe            
And when you do exhale, my Glock is the last piece you will see            
I make the streets smile            
Now I got to strap up and deal with a poser with thousands of phony hood profiles            
Singing swan songs to stalk my A- game            
Gee, the fuck is one obsessed dame            
Throwing that old ass at some dick when the door has been bolted and locked            
Sending in her twin to spy around the clock            
My Queen, word on the street this poser is bad news            
My type of enemy when I got nothing to lose            
Water gun carrying wearing punk ass wanna be, I slice assess up while telling thugs to get up off their knees     
Then make their blood the juice you best believe           
Selling your organs, after my dog have thrusted and pissed on you at ninety degrees            
I’m a nasty father fucker when you step on my land mine            
You go down on my clock, my time            
And fuck the reasons, whys, or the rhyme            
You come correct and step to me like the hiding man you truly are            
And stop hiding behind sticks and stones, so I can toss your ego up real far            
And then shoot you down, gut your ass without even making sound            
I can tell my Gee to step aside            
Put my weapons in the back of my skirt, and let the street wars collide            
Get up on stay down, you don’t want none of this            
You just might get bit, or dog licked            
One think about having education, and inclined to push drugs            
Shh...I am the Ghost who infiltrates your mind… pushing my mental poison all up in you if there ever was            
You ain’t got the memo, partner, a Queen B. do sting            
Then shovel a fist so far up the ass, to make your cunt no longer sling            
My Queen, my Queen, calm down you go the pardon            
No need to boil tits in your mental cauldron            
We are no longer in Florida, we got this, if we stick to the plan            
You right, Gee, then death to a this poser who been sent to bring me down where I stand            
We got the meeting with the Cuban Cartel tonight            
If the talks don’t go right plug them with all your might            
We got the Mexican dope its time we flip this cash, then head shot their ass            
And if it sounds like they are sighing with the Russian Cartel then no one remain standing, take everyone out in plain sight   Then lock and reload and bust a cap for any feet trying to take flight            
Gee, this is the dick or his bitch you went head to toe with, and parted ways, served him while he was in recluse          
Hell yeah after I let my shell casings loose          
Now he trying to up the street with his tainted Fentanyl cut dish            
Its time I serve him a death wish            
To give my duce, then his mama a red rose            
While I spit on his grave as his blood seeping in dirt flow            
How will we know it’s the fuck            
A scar on the side of his face that’s what up            
Done deal, Gee make sure you make the skin bleed            
I want that poser to know he has been dealt for his arrogance and his greed
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
You in my hood bitch....

The Nun Runner
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