Eve’s thoughts on fruit, serpents, Eden’s garden and swords on fire

I’d eat the fruit again! Plain & simple—THAT was heaven. Sweet, striking all the senses with perfect beauty, firmness, softness, ripe and dripping, smooth and rippled, tingling, teasing, satiating… the serpent was kind, gentle, caring, speaking truths that grew me, gave me confidence, taught me independence & self-love; gorgeous serpent, why did you disappear when I was banned from that mediocre garden? The Eden gardener seemed to think that self-important rib donor was my soulmate and you the Devil… but you and that fruit divine were worth expulsion—my one regret was the lost life of a serpentine tree-of-knowledge dwelling. The garden of Eden in general did not live up to the brochure. The tree of life proved to leave a bitter after-taste. As for those flaming swords? Jealous time, I suppose—punishment for dreaming of forbidden fruit, merely mirages of tempting swords aflame yet cold and ghostly to the touch.

Fast-forward sixteen years, rib-man’s playing favorites with the boys…they say the garden god does too—seems he misses meat & want a dish of lamb.  I’m stuck with enough ungrateful tasks tending to the kids & cooking & cleaning to serve him up his lamb.  Especially after he took my tree and favorite fruit and destined me to pain. Of course, they all blame me for making them work—I cost too much, I hear. No thought of what it’s cost me. Such is my lot, eater of the fruit, seeker of knowledge. It’s what I get for trying to be more than a decorative bone carving.  They don’t know I visit the trees of the darkened forest at night to conjure that serpent and learn how to dream of hell’s perfection, freedom, acceptance…they don’t know I create my own heaven with sweet dripping fruit, a perfect serpent, my own garden paradise where all are welcome, even swords aflame with lust for every kind of fruit I bear.  They don’t know, I am the goddess of pleasure and knowledge now.
Written by rubyredheart
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