The Perfect Human - Ode' to Danny


Let me tell you about a man
He lived in the city, off of the land
Some of you know him. His name is Dan
He was really the Perfect human


There are stories about him
that would make you laugh
  make you cringe, then step back
        Leave you wondering
               What the heck
        How could anyone
        have survived that

He had nowhere to live
but was always at home
       He had nothing to give
      but always gave some
It wasn't from wealth
               stupidity, or success
but from living through Hell
       and the skin of his ass


Living his live
     like there's no tomorrow
No time for dwelling
     on pain or sorrow
Too busy helping
     people he doesn't know
to worry about things
    out of his control


Generous to a fault
    don't take him for a fool
Break his trust once, and he's through

His love, without condition
      Such an amazing human
 Who's time ended way too soon


Never joined the army
but fought many battles
Against . . . preachers with clones
     The government and their drones
Anyone who was judgmental

He's driven cars with no tires
till the sparks set him on fire
and walked away without a scratch
          Looks like his karma
          ran over your dogma
while his guardian angel laughed


      Sitting here now
          thinking about what he said
    about things he wanted to do
        once he was dead

Like to be buried face down
        when he finally lays to rest
So the whole fucking world
        could kiss his ass

He lived his live
     like there was no tomorrow
Never spent much time
     on pain or sorrow
He was too busy helping
      people he didn't know
to worry about things
    out of his control


Generous to a fault
    but never a fool
He had a great big heart
   that was always true

He loved without condition
      He was an amazing human
and his life ended
         . . . . way too soon
Written by eroseternal (Tim Eros)
Author's Note
In memory of my Brother
Danny 1961-2022
This is a brief description of him, not an exaggeration
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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