WIND MOUNTAIN MORNING  ('A CHEWENA SONG of ASSIMILATION')   7-4-2000, on Wind Mountain, near Tres Piedras, New Mexico

sunrise reveals    
pink bands of clouds    
stretching out above    
wind mountain    
out over this vast    
glorious horizon    
a continuous flow    
of far off      
mountain lines    
that rise and fall    
in distant shadows    
of blue gray slopes    
silent song    
of earths great circle    
surrounds me here    
all across    
this vibrant sea    
of boundless land    
in gently rolling hills    
and plains    
of cactus  rock    
and sagebrush calling    
standing still  
motionless here    
outside in the even  
more expansive  
natural  open  
majestic stillness  
and primal calmness  
of this  
peaceful morning  
with several other distant  
though visibly smaller  
in height and size  
long expired  
volcanic cinder cones  
scattered all about  
many miles apart  
in several different directions  
away from  
my location here  
seemingly at the  
very center  
of this vast  
wide open  
stunningly beautiful  
pristine  peaceful  
natural landscape  
which fell asleep    
so long ago    
yet which each  
all still appear  
and seem to be    
so wondrously dreaming  
this entire magical  
living world  
and myself as well  
into being  
here and everywhere  
spread out all
around me here
out all across  
beyond as well  
this untouched  
truly wondrous and magical  
scenic  south western  
wild terrain    
where densely forested  
pinon covered hill sides  
and more barren  
wind blown  
lava stone hill tops  
constantly brush    
and reciprocally  
tickle the sky  
in flowingly delicate  
tender return  
with every gentle  
passing breeze  
with every powerful  
raging  violent  
lightning storm  
of great spirits    
every loving breath  
no matter what form  
it may come in  
or take  
in its magnificently  
sublimely illumined dances  
elegant grand ballets  
ever changing  
ever morphing  
breathtaking displays  
of earth    
of clouds    
and sun lights  
resplendent collusions  
as they slowly  
spread out overhead  
across the lucidly seamless  
sensitive  dome like  
crystalline lense  
of continuous skies above  
in graceful  poetic flight  
to fill and paint  
them all  
day and night  
forever connecting us all  
and all of life  
down here  
upon our sacred  living  
mother earth  
inseparably to and with  
the conscious  living  
heavens above  
as well as to  
all the other infinite  
unknown worlds  
universes  realms  
and dimensions beyond    
while back down here  
on earth below    
centered where i am    
spirit softly speaks  
to  into  
and throughout my being  
as i stand    
in utter child like  
wonderment and awe    
of and at    
what all i see    
both before    
and everywhere    
around me    
as i listen    
to the constant    
ever ringing spell    
of every atom    
every molecule    
of every living cells    
sweet interconnected    
vibrational songs    
high frequency tone    
the sacred singing    
great  cosmic aummmm    
of the universes    
harmoniously unified    
infinite unfolding    
resonating throughout me  
throughout everything  
that is  
wherein i sense    
experience  feel  
realize and know  
more profoundly  
more intimately  
more clearly than ever  
now here once again  
in my eternal spirits  
presently manifested  
temporal  physical form  
that in this  
newly requickened  
self realization  
wherein i  
more fully recognize  
see  feel  
hear and know  
outside and within  
all creation    
as one with me  
as one with all  
as all one  
infinite  eternal  
divine  inseparable whole  
in which i also  
just now  
further sensed  
felt  realized  
and now  
more deeply know  
even down here  
in my    
consciously awakened  
sacred beings  
presently manifested  
only temporal  
physical form  
i just as fully  
realize and know    
it is simply  
timelessly timeless  
benevolent sign  
and profound reminder  
of divine ineffable creations  
highest  eternal gift  
of divine  
ineffable love  
for me  
in my renewed realization  
of my immutable  
oneness awareness  
as one  
of and with  
the inseparable  
of all  
which i so deeply    
sense  see    
and feel here now  
in this  
very moment   
where i am presently  
still this very moment  
truly so intensely feeling  
so much more  
vibrantly alive and free    
awakened  and attuned    
more fully    
into this    
much higher frequency    
of oneness awareness  
vibrationally filling  
every particle  
of my being  
especially where i  
presently am  
so deeply nested  
here in the living  
fully conscious  radiant heart  
of this beautiful  
wind mountain  
truly transcendent    
living  healing    
innermost shining  
all encompassing  
transformational peace  
such a precious gift  
to receive again  
especially after  
so many  
long  long years  
of decades passed  
slipped away  
like slowly fading ghosts  
of distant  
past lives gone  
then suddenly now  
here today  
to have received again  
this precious  
sacred gifts requickened  
reminder again  
in such a beautiful  
sacred place  
perhaps not so much  
another miracle  
as it was  
the first time  
it was given me  
but rather this time  
perhaps more  
just another desperately needed  
long overdue  
timelessly timeless  
second act booster  
of equally wondrous  
benevolent grace  
so very rare    
and increasingly    
hard to find    
Written by OyateInyanNajin
Published | Edited 27th Dec 2022
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