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Image for the poem Mm.. A Clandestine Affair To Remember

Mm.. A Clandestine Affair To Remember

Waldorf Astoria Washington DC  
1100 Pennsylvania Avenue
NW, Washington, District of Columbia, 20004  
Júnior Suite
Mm... he is so nasty once he unclasps those gold cufflinks  
Then take off his clothes and pop a Viagra in his mouth  
Waiting to savor this flavor throughout the night  
Whispering in my ear, he really wanna fuck me real bad  
And I never get tired of laying under him on these expensive sheets,  
Getting him hard by the inch watching me finger fuck myself, then taking the dildo, wetting it between my lips  
Dragging it under my chin, down to a nipple  
Down my cleavage  
Not taking my eyes off him, past my jeweled navel, swirling it in place  
Teasing my soft folds  
Easing it slowly inside me  
Squeezing a breast  
My head indenting the pillow  
If you want to taste up all on this  
With a tongue lick, tell me you brought the honey  
Watching him stand there all hard, his eyes panting to slice all up in for this wet panini  
Starving for the attention of my fetish, the need of my care  
Dipping his hardness deep inside my sugar walls  
Let me see you stroke yourself, while looking at me sliding this dildo in and out my lover’s cup  
You hear those pasting sounds  
Wishing his dick tip was bathing in my creamy sensation  
All my wet holes are yours, lover boy  
I’ve been waiting for him…to please this wet, tight pussy  
My impatient fingers V-shaping my dewing butter rum  
Mmm.. I like when he licks his  lips  
Sniffing the essence of my cunt juices, getting my juices flowing  
Stepping out his shoes  
Rushing to the bed  
A knee sinking in the mattress  
Ripping my silk blouse open, lifting my black bra  
His hot mouth taking a nipple inside  
Gently tugging on it into a perky submission  
Mm… hum…sticking a finger inside me, wiggling it around  
Taking it out his mouth  
Tasting my wetness, then feeding me the glossed treat  
“Oh baby…I need you to fuck me…”  
Climb up on this...  positioning his muscular physique between these Creole thighs  
Swiping his erection up and down my slit opening, over my breasts,  
The tip of his dick jigging against my clit, crowning my silken cove  
I wanted to feel the passion behind his push, the madness behind him fucking me  
Over and over, while my legs are entwined around his sweaty back    
Palming his dick … leaning my head downward  
Placing the length of his family jewels between my cleavage,  
My breasts sandwiching his dick, making love to the elongation of his girth  
Kissing the fatten tip and then a quick suck  
“Oh…yes, I know you like that baby.”  
Tempting his mind  
Right before I let him fuck this ass hard... long    
He cups the back of my neck  
Moving his dick upward, as my mouth takes the length of you to the back of my throat  
Mmm, darting his dick up to my lips, faster  
My fingers escaping into the wetness of my pussy    
“Oh handsome, you are so hard for this, me”    
My soft hands wandering over the base of his shaft  
His grunts filling the interior of the hotel suite    
He covers my hand steering his erection into my tight pussy hole  
“Mm…baby….baby slow down”    
Adjusting my tight abyss to the width  
My pussy pulsating behind the tight invasion    
Placing my legs over his shoulders  
Kissing over my inner ankle  
Cupping my buttocks pulling me to the edge of the seat  
Palming the headrest, and slamming his dick deep inside of me  
My palms rubbing over his chest wall  
“Baby, I am about ready to cum”    
He pounded my pussy, gyrating the tip with every thrust and stroke    
“Oh baby, I feel your dick throbbing”    
Some of his release escaping, wanting all of him…wildly moving my pussy  
Feeding the hunger of his carnal needs...  
Pinching my nipples, oh sweet mercy, he sends my desires over the edge  
Ramming the length of his dick harder and harder inside my honeypot  
Holding his groin in place  
Throwing his head back, his pearly streams of undeniable lust filling saturating pussy hole  
Some of his pearly flow escaping the side of my pussy…onto the silk sheets  
Finding my lips, kissing them, then kissing the peaks of my tits    
“You feel just as good as I expected,” whispering in my ear, “real good.”    
“And you are what I expected, once we do this again for a second confirmation”    
I glanced at my Cartier we are still in the nastiness of foreplay    
“Not to worry beautiful, before you go back to work, I would have fucked you again.”    
“Mmm… you don’t say, prove it handsome, and let your dick be the bond of your words.”    
His dick slightly moving inside me again,  
Before plummeting inside my pussy, my moans echoing  
And the next hour and a half, his hard dick made me climax, again, and again  
Oh God, yes, this stud made this sweet pussy melt like pudding    
He kept my snatch wet, satisfied beyond words  
Oh he drained my blissful rainfall  
I love kissing him… I love his tongue mating with mine  
And when his arousal digs deep inside these pussy walls  
Mm... what scandalous moments in the making  
Oh, I have to go, my love  
You are so beautiful, stay with me throughout the night  
Please, I got two more of those little blue pills, someone gave me to try
I do not see why, you do not need them, trust me
You are a firecracker of energy, and I like to show you just how much, my darling
Mm… you don’t say  
Oh, but I do  
Meet me in the shower and convince me otherwise  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 8th Jun 2022
Author's Note
I don’t try to be sexy, but I do want to look as good as I can.

Laura Wasser
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