Devil's Blood

Carved was the sign of elder magic,
On the wretched face of the old oak.
I hacked at it with the athame blade,
Until the small dagger cut it all away!
And then I marked it with my seal,
While the bats circled above, crying.
I cut until my blood flowed, tragic!
Not to take my life, but just to stoke,
A fire in the air of that wooded glade.
In blood I traced a path far from day!
Light's absence seemed to be real,
Just as night winds began their dying.
Haunters of the midnight air, cruel,
Yet so noble in their savage dignity.
Would that I could fly without cares!
I am bound by oaths and by pacts,
Bargains that promise a bloody bliss.
Come home little girl, voices offer!
No earthly mother was such a fool,
As was my own to think me saintly.
I listened to whispers no one dares!
No turning aside from these acts,
Until from some devil I steal a kiss.
Now I will open the gifted coffer!
Shake the staff, call up the ghosts,
Scream the names forever hidden!
I stopped being human dear mother.
My parents are the abyss and fire,
They cannot hit me or call me liar.
No way to go back no way to run!
I do not need angels or high hosts,
Steeds of nightmares I have ridden.
To black sabbaths to pain smother!
I sing now with the maddest choir,
Perfect in my insanity like my sire.
Goodbye to my youth never begun!

The grove is tainted by my blood,
Dripping down to befoul the mud!
All for a love that does not exist,
To answer a call that I cannot resist.
A child of devils hated by my own,
I am what I will be, I cannot atone.
Devil's blood is all that is mine,
Let the dead below, upon it dine!
Written by LaBrujaOscura_75 (Camilla Beatriz Flores)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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