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Infinity’s Bride

I am the temptress, the enchantress, the beguiling witch  
An inviting scratch that has taken the fall of the Roman Empire, the Helen Of Troy to itch          
Traveling over ancient times, a sovereign Loa of Haitian blood, coveting the frontal lobe of mortal minds          
The upper dominion I slay you when your head is turned          
Mourning the flavor of lost souls, to the stake I watched them burn          
Goddess, Muse, I draw you in by the signature of my mesmerizing smile  
Unto the full moon I hear the distance howls          
Poisonous kiss of venom          
Climb inside the inner chaste of my feverish touch, once out, begging to dip back in it          
What is this Jinn you talk of my wild child          
Of the dust of this rebellious earth the spirit of me in exile          
Seductress, you fall into the line of my alluring wiles          
You’ve seen my silhouette perched on the crescent of the moon          
Entangled sheets with Kings, Emperors, Princes of sand dunes          
As I took the core of their dethroned lifeline and bathed in their blood in the depth of the Blue Lagoon          
You’ve traversed me in the constellation, of a falling ether, twins we abide, soul searching we asunder          
The sector of infinity, houses the fortification of my creation, disquiet not, you kneel in the presence of my fifth wonder          
The dirt of the earth could not contain the restlessness of my supine lay          
Creation, death, rejuvenated as a Dove searching for new life from the arc, my wings have seen the dawn of a new day  
Do you comprehend the lustful karma of my predestined creed          
The blood of melanin protects the warrior divinity assuaged of me          
Your skin I worship, your blood drips in the goblet I’ve tasted, the covenant of Hades shall remain mine          
Offering of the sacrifices, casting pearls before swine          
Sticks and stones, the mind is where I roam, the echoes of the heart          
Eaten, swallowed it’s my bloodline, the oath, rituals of an ancestral art          
And poof just like that          
Midnight dwells nine lives of a feline who’s wicked at this and naughtier at that          
Fear me not, little one          
The time for us shall entwine then come undone          
I am the beautiful succubus as wise men wallow in sweet surrender, their skin upon my lips, I shall feast          
Chants of five phases of the moon, close your eyes, you shall feel the drawing warmth of my heat          
You speak of ill potions by the tip of your sword          
Yet forbid me the truth, on the spillage of your word, by fourscores          
Salacious marvels enlightenment of Aphrodite, my Haitian blood no end in the realm of time          
I am who I am, the Haitian Loa passages in the sacredness by belief of Cosmo designs        
Kissed upon the lips of Diablo, fled his bed          
Intoxicated him through the portal of Heaven, my sultry passion, enthralled him, once ecstasy was led as his devilish emotions bled          
The sweet taste of Immorality, so sweetly it drips          
Close your eyes, seduced in your sweet dream amiss, as you reopen to the scent of a lover's eternal reminisce  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
The Magician is Mercury, a messenger god. With an infinity symbol in thy head, it represents mastering the person’s imagination and also a symbol of meaning, conscious and unconscious processes. This...
The Magician is Mercury, a messenger god. With an infinity symbol in thy head, it represents mastering the person’s imagination and also a symbol of meaning, conscious and unconscious processes. This card enables a person to connect with intellectual powers. She is a symbol of intuition, dream world, and unconscious, feelings, dreams, and emotions.


I do believe this poem is floating around here somewhere, if not, enjoy, in respect, I bow unto my Haitian ancestors for this particular scroll of midnight art...
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