Like Kerr I am tired

This ain't a lure to get into a debate
I like to think I am patient
but this goes beyond scoring political points
there is something disturbing that needs to change

You can be the largest NRA totting gun advocate
have an arsenal at home with shotguns and any other type known
or just have a tiny handgun in your purse
but something isn't working

Or the determined gun control proponent
background checks and clips highly regulated
yeah I am inclined to your side
but still something wrong not being looked at

When we have elementary students
not talking about college or high school
ELEMENTARY STUDENTS for gracious sake
wanting arms to go to school in fear

This is an insane nightmare come real
kids shouldn't be fearful of going to school
 problem is a culture of intolerance and distrust
isn't going to be solved by metal detectors and teachers packing

Long past the time conscientious politicians (they do exist?)
stop prolonging debates for campaign funds
finding the slightest disagreement to justify downing legislation
so that interests groups and donors will have talking points

We have students who have so much more on their plates
then my day when baseball cards, Atari, and kickball were my treasures
second graders with phones with access to worldwide media
the gadgets have advanced but has our humanity?

Kindergarteners believing that conflict is resolved with violence
 who can yell the loudest or who is the most dramatic
are we modeling through words and actions
expressing that brute strength, power, drama makes right

This is not the country my parents were looking to
when I was put in the stroller and support give to the United Farm Workers
was not what dad meant when he cried finding out Doc King was dead
and decided to back Robert Kennedy

"You, who are on the road
must have a code that you can live by
and so, become yourself
because the past is just a goodbye

Teach your children well..."

Teach Your Children
Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young
writer- Graham Nash
Written by JAZZMANOR
Author's Note
Is the Answer Really Blowing In The Wind? I hope not.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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