Hoodies And Headz.

HEADZ---What's the 411 fam?
HOODIES---Bro,Eddie got picked up by the 5-0.
HEADZ---Allow it! Dem man hench fam. Don't know how they would've got him in their van fam.  
HOODIES---I know! But he's bait fam. I don't like him,but his girls sick fam.  
HEADZ---You checked out her arse fam?  
HOODIES---YEAH!--- CRISS! But,she dry fam.  
HEADZ---Yeah,I know bro.  
HOODIES---Listen,let's cotch up 2nite. Dre will be coming my endz 2nite.  
HEADZ---For real! I don't like dem man. We got beef still fam.  
HEADZ---At his ends.  
HOODIES---Why you being extra fam? You want me 2 hold your hand when he gets here!  
HEADZ---Allow it fam!  Allow it!
(Hoodies laughs).  
HOODIES---Me a joke wit you headz. Jam man!  
HEADZ---Listen fam. Your man jacked my food!  
HEADZ---For real man.  
HOODIES---You Neva tell me that fam-- how come?  
(Headz remains quiet).  
HOODIES---Man,a talk,me a talk 2 you.  
HEADZ---Leave it fam. Its cool.  
HOODIES---Nah man. Bro jack your food. That's serious business man.  
(Headz gets up from chair,walking 2wards the kitchen).  
HOODIES---Where u going man?  
HEADZ---2get a drink,and make a sandwich. I'm Marvin man!  
HOODIES---Who's yard is this? Mine or yours fam.  
HEADZ---Why u being militant fam?  
(Hoodies laughs).  
HOODIES---A joke me a make fam. Why u so serious?  
Help yourself fam. That's standard fam.  U get me!
HEADZ---Safe man.  
©Wired6. 17/5/2022
Written by Wired6
Published | Edited 25th May 2022
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