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Itís All About The Benjamins

Crane Island †
Amelia Island, Florida
†† †
Gee, peep the scene, unsnap to reach for your second weapon † †
This is too easy thatís a number one taught lesson † †
I never did like a transaction I had to boat it in † †
Cornering my existence if things get thick then we have to swim † †
My Queen, we got the Coast Guard on the payroll † †
So just hang tight and go with the flow † †
Gee, if anything moves out the corner of your eye, grab the dope and the cash and let your lead blow † †
† †  
Well, My Queen so nice to have you in these parts † †
Save the hospitality, I need a boat out of here before dark † †
What you got for me, and where is Rico, he is my connect † †
When transporting I donít switch lanes, it shows a lack of respect † †
No if you a poser, you get straight dealt † †
And my hollow points, will be felt † †
† †  
I come highly recommended † †
Only in your mind, nothing gets past me, amigo, is that comprehended † †
Si senorita, so lovely and cold as ice † †
I donít trust no one, and then I cut the deck twice † †
In case I have to sing your ass an internal lullaby, then let Gee initial you with a palm slice † †
In this game, partner, you learn to keep your eyes moving and seeing † †
And believe half of what a mouth is saying while you are agreeing † †  
We here for the number one man † †
No less gets my respect and that I demand † †
We got the dope and your tired ass looking bitch † †
Been selling her ass out, cause her man got caught being a snitch † †
† †  
Let me see the product † †
Gee, hand me my blade, for a taste, and see if this nose candy is the shit, if not you getting fucked up † †
No one wastes my time on a false claim † †
My time is too valuable to be seen, and I never give my money to any poser fessing they got game † †
† †  
Well, my Queen, is it our come up or a let down † †
Gee, unclothed this bitch to make sure my voice is not caught by a FBI recording sound † †
You heard my Queen, off with those clothes, and now † †
Or the only thing your eyes with see is me plugging your chest, then to your head, her Glockís pow-pow † †
Oh, fuck this motherfucker is wired † †
Naíll donít run now, Gee fire † †
Grab the suitcase, and the dope, hurry, I hear sirens, fuck it may be too late † †
Gee, let me handle this, I got people in my pocket, from high-power politicians to county morticians to look the other way † †
Plead the fifth, my lawyer on speed dial, thatís all you say † †
Five O kicking in the steel door † †
Handcuffed wrists pinned behind my back, nose kissing the floor † †
† †  
High priced suits worth the while † †
No matter how many crimes may pile † †
No charges on the Ghost will ever be filed † †  
My black book has zeros behind affluent citizens, we fall, then they become toast † †
And that is not a joke † †
This never happened in my life of being versatile † †
FaÁade of a dazzling sexy smile † †
Lost in the underworld lucrative lifestyle † †
† †  
My business empire continues on † †
Undercover healing the world my initial song † †
Kenneth Cole Shades, concealing the window to my soul † †
When entering hostile territory, who knows the outcome when the law patrols † †
In my presence my steel piece will pop pop pop without prayer, giving you no hope † †
Time is money Ö.you got the dope † †
The question is, is it all there, anything less, gets you choked by a rope † †
† †  
Smart pussies used for a national passport † †
If it feels like a set up, then mission abort † †
Black robe brought in front of, this is like bible school, a vacation for an hour spent in court † †
No evidence, wire somehow was crushed in the DEA raid, tapes miraculously erased † †
My inside informant took the money, scrambling the audio bait † †
And since dead men canít testify, or talk † †
All charges dropped, case threw out, the Ghost walks † †
† †  
My Queen, what we gonna do † †
Hum... we will serve this fucks back their street food † †
We got the dope and the cash † †
Find me that bitch everyone around here is talking about, Amy... some fuck † †
We may can use her, she got clout with Elon Musk † †
And his loyal trust † †
My Queen, you sure about that... † †  
Yes, just as I am sure, she got skill, that quiet knack † †
One thing about a dangerous hoe when her back is against the wall † †
She can do two things, show you her pussy, or show you her claws † †
† †  
Done my Queen
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 22nd May 2022
Author's Note
Make some shit up and just run with it.. I'm down

The Nun Runner
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