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Rock & Roll Dreams

The Sage Colored Planet. The Story of the
Three Lock Box:

Ben was slowing and moving
softly, floating
through the air towards the new planet he was
about to encounter,

Suddenly, he
noticed a carpet underneath him
where he was resting. 

The carpet was the color of a rich blue sapphire, plush,
with golden lanterns
encrusted on each corner. 

The lanterns were tilted some,  
each forming streams
of topaz threads flowing to the center,  forming the great mandala that he knelt on.

Ben was moving
across the coastline,
trying to remember everything he saw as he flew over in awe and wonder.

He thought of his grandmother's
great passion.

Only in her stories could he have ever imagined such beauty.

It must have been Kochi, Queen of the Arabian Sea, Ben thought, where Pasha had once visited and talked about.

As he sailed over the shoreline, there were cascades of neon flowers and emerald calyxes.

The flowers were beaming, flowing over everything, creating vibrant shades
and variant colors of light and energy. 

Scattered throughout the massive coastal rocks, there were tall pink marbled columns that rose from the floor of the ocean.

Like ancient shrines,
they were graceful, tranquil, and caused Ben to feel at peace with himself.  

All this, Ben could see, was amply infused with the glow of three faint suns that the planet was orbiting.  

All life must have
been sleeping,
but still, Ben thought.....

All at once,
he noticed a man running
up the coastline,
and looking up
at him from below.

"you boy, up there! 
a storm is preparing to be preformed for the Queen!

Get down from that carpet or she'll order your head taken off with a hurricane."

Ben landed on
the sand softly.

"A storm, preformed
for a Queen?"
Ben questioned

"Yes lad!
Now you must go, 
go down to the Angelita,"  he said,
"quickly, and take shelter there
in one of the caverns.

Now, Look around,
boy, and take with
you one of each possible treasures
you can find here.  

Look in every
direction, and
then search again, lad,
and then take
two of them. 

You can take them
all if you like." 

As the man continued talking, Ben spied a ruby seashell on the shore and picked it up.  He noticed it had a brass clasp holding tightly shut. It was very strange, Ben thought, and it had many details. 

"During the Queen's storm, boy,"

The man continues, as Ben quickly put the shell it in his pocket to keep searching for another.
"the waters will raise up exactly to
4 nautical leagues, perfectly spilled upwards,
and 6 nautical
precisely sharp
and deep.

and it will cover
10 thousand thousand

nautical acres. 

This is absolute, boy,
and all
very customary.

So go to the Angelita, you will be safe

Inside, you will find a cave to take inside your treasures.  You will take all your understanding of all you find, and build you a shelter.  

Go there boy! Take your treasures!
Go there now
to the Angelita
and build your shelter and take rest.
The storm you should never fear."

The man went
on and on
describing the
Angelita as the emerald
land of the sunken caverns; detailing it quite explicit. 

As he went on, again, Ben spied a tiny box
laying in edge of the water; it had a faint glisten to it.

He reaches in and picks it up.   As he opens the box, he spies another box inside of it. 

He opens the 2nd box,  only to find another box still yet.

He opens the 3rd box, finally, to see the treasure that had been sunkin.  

It was a jade colored chrysalis, fastened tight with 4 golden buttons.

He wondered, and looked up to ask the man about the chrysalis,

but the man was gone.  Ben hadn't even noticed the quiet.

Ben could not see or hear anything else.  Everything on the planet was wind and shadows.  The Queen's storm must have  started. 

So Ben then quickly closes the boxes as they were before, and stuffs the treasures deep in his pocket, while heading towards the Angelita in the direction the man had pointed.

The atmosphere
started swirling again around him with gravitational forces -  pulling, and pulsing. 

Ben bagan falling upwards from the sage colored planet.  

That was an odd place,  Ben thought,
as he went jetting
back out towards the universe.

More confident than before, with the three lock box, and a ruby seashell deep inside his pocket.   Ben once again began jumping from planet to planet, and from star to star.
Written by Pishashee
Author's Note
The Red Rocker
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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