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I'll Wait

I am not here to listen to yet another relatable response
Donít care to hear that you are sorry,
An able body person who is living off of other people that is full of excuses but no motivation, is sorry
An over weight pet that chooses to only get up and walk when it is time to eat and shit, is sorry
This lazy ass apology is not only sorry, it does not bridge that gap between disfunction and sensibility
So if this is your way to attempt to close the gaps between my anger, frustration and hurt
It didnít help the situation it just made it slightly worse
Because sorry is what we as children are taught to say before we jump up and repeat the same mistakes all over again

Is it that society have grown so accustom to apologizing for things that can clearly be changed but will not be changed because if real change actually took place the world that they once thought was theirs would be flipped on its head?

To be a black man living in a hatful world under the most unfavorable of circumstances,
I must say that I cannot even imagine how must worse it would be if I were a dark skinned woman
Which I still believe they deserve so much more respect
I cannot even bring myself to overlook the audacity of another black or brown individual who has chosen to take another life over something stupid yet alone the same damn race

And please excuse me for not elaborating, as an adult we all should know when something is stupid

I am trying to figure out how much more respect someone must need to have just so they are able to even consider sparing a life?
How bold a person must be to kill another person and turn back around and love on a loved one like they did not just take someone elseís loved one away from them

Question what would the most important person in their life think if they knew what they have done?

Donít worry Iíll wait

At what point do a person finally say it is time to retire tired?
At what point do honest conversations take place?

Is it before someone does something crazy, after the consequences of their actions, while you are waiting to find out if they are still breathing or-or after they have been buried?

Let me rephrase it
Is it before or after you have either contributed, tolerated or ignored their toxic behavior?

At what point will the ghetto no longer be considered as the ghetto but an actual community?
Please -please tell me the date and time when I will feel comfortable enough to consider allowing my nieces, nephews and future children to play in front of the house without wondering if a stray bullet or a stranger will cut their lifeís short before they ever get the chance to say that they are living their absolute best life

At what point will anyone no longer have a fear to go to school, shopping, see a movie go to the park or sleep in their own home without having to wonder if they will make it home or wake up alive?

And although I would love to reach the masses my words are just words, just like change
It never occurs unless action and words have become one
Written by BlkLyrycE
Author's Note
I know that this is probably going to rub some individuals the wrong way but unfortunately, I cannot apologize for voicing my thoughts. In the end I hope that what I have written is understood rather than misunderstood. Peace and love
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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