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We lived in an artificial fake as fuck world, and when your eyes met mine, we both knew.

I knew we would fall into one another, awkwardly yet hungrily whilst naked and wanting more as if we were famished & starved, craving the rare moments that only lovers share whilst cycling up & down one another’s arousal levels, healing wounds unseen whilst feasting upon one another's flesh with an intense hunger that remains etched upon my heart as you navigated my wet dreams, and called me out to bathe in your light as we took flight.

There was nothing conjectural about the way we gravitated towards one another to merge as one, and one too many times we danced from dusk til dawn until our hearts were twined, and our psyche fused whilst we remained observant and fully cognisant of how our bodies ached from the explicit confessionals we whispered to one in the ambience of those twilight hours, and your eyes speak to me in a language that no other has ever done.

Soft and gentle but hard and deep and you never quite knew how to make it hurt so good irrespective of the deviance we masked, and I waited for you to unleash your wrath as I glistened and begged for you to make me quiver all over you, face down hips tilted as you penetrated my vulnerability.

Cradling moments as we flourished & nurtured the intensity of a love that blossomed seasonally, and the flashbacks of us emerge in snippets of you drilling me hard yet soft as our tongues spoke the language of love, leaving me breathless and aching for you to finger the edges of all that remains unspoken as your fingers tap dance upon those pulsating notions that brings us closer together as we seek solace & peace in borderline violent fragments until you feel the quaking of my soul cascading all over you as the collision of our hearts leave us gasping breathlessly yet restlessly.

Silky smooth and iridescent whilst sprawled open to your underlying proclivities to pin me beneath the weight of all we explored but never truly shared but wanted & needed whilst treading the dichotomy of the deep blue as you wash away my pain and fill me to the hilt with your hardened devotion, whilst gripping the length of my soft chestnut waves, eliciting shallow and deep breaths in ways that draw us closer, to remain etched upon my being; mind, body and soul evermore.

Those cherished moments keep me anchored to the probability of our union, and you tried more than I ever realised at the time but hindsight is a beautiful thing just as it is to know and feel the essence of your love, to feel it radiating from your heart & soul whilst straddling the dawn as dusk soon blended into a blur, and a girl just doesn’t know what to do with a man like you, and I never externalised my love for you as we verbalised our bond in hushed tones, naked and apprehensive, whispering things that were rarely ever repeated in the stark light of day.

From love to hate, and all that means nothing decades later as we live in slivers of emerging shades of silver, ageing gracefully whilst drenching ourselves beneath the sun, and you were never bold enough to say what needed to be said, and I self medicated elsewhere as you drowned yourself in liquor & cheap whores who were knee deep in their regrets as they cradled the fuckery they couldn't decipher.

We were destined for a moment of bliss whilst immersed in the knowing that acknowledgment became servitude, and still the revelation of us will remain perched upon the fringes of my heart & soul forevermore as my cunt aches for you to delve into the depths of the deep blue sea whilst navigating the tidal undertow until your faded memory washes over me like a renewed wave of emotion that brings me closer to grasping what we were as I hold you in my heart.
Written by shadow_starzzz
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