Cornerboy Pt.2

Yeah this is Transporter again and you know how I do
My boy Nico has got that juice, so I'm rolling with his crew
He drops a half brick and a few pound everytime he comes through
Big Buck raised me to be that motherfucker that does what he do

Bag those pounds up into quarters, I'm not trying to sit on this shit
Fucking add one cut to the brick and watch these bitches feen for it
I'm no cornerboy, fucking cornerboy are always getting got
Either they're in a drug war or somebody snitch their asses out

But I'm Transporter, I roll covert that extremely low key
I love the fact that broke ass snitches have never heard of me
You can control your fucking clientele, highly paid professionals
Have taken just one taste and these bitches bowed before me like a confessional

If you ever need a lawyer, ever find yourself in trouble, here's my card
If you ever find yourself ill, I can diagnose and cure you, it isn't that hard
Don't come to me, just message and I'll deliver what you need
I've got the only fucking thing that can satiate their fucking greed

Called out to the most expensive parts of town
Catering to private parties is how this shit is going down
Platter sent from the bedroom or bathroom, and then being passed around
Lines cut into the sand and then followed by that snorting sound

One hitters and blunt wraps lying all over the fucking place
A blond walked by and draped her thong over my head and face
But this is my business never get it twisted, dodge her cornerboys just don't get this
They can't seem to separate their fucking dick from doing this

But you can't charge one motherfucker their rent money and take pussy from another
You can't decide one bitch is a potential customer and the other a potential lover
Users talk with each other, they do it all the fucking time
He charged me my last money and took pussy from you, becomes locked in their mind

The next thing that you know you're not that hard to fucking find
The cornerboys know about you and the feds are tapping your fucking lines
Just sniff that thong, haha, lick that shit then give it back
Never fucking forget where this user's loyalty lie at

As I told you before I can find a quarter lying in a dime
See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, and know even less embedded in my mind
I've been to party with orgies going on, just keep the platters filled and your clothes on
Block the grabs and the groping, please don't let them see it fully grown

Always mind on the situation and being free to fucking roam
Everything that you purchase has to be accounted for before taking it home
Give that seller a couple extra thousand to string paid in full along
Dress clean but casual as hell, they always catch the fucking dapper dons

This is just shit that you need to know fuck chrome drawing attention to a fifty-four
Fucking rims worth more than the whole fucking car, your fucking phone and more
No legitimate source of revenue but there is materialistic wealth galore
Bitches rolling off of music videos purchasing shit that they've never heard of before

Keeping my mind on my money and the way that Big Buck taught and designed it
I backed off of one Lady one night telling her that I was thinking of gender reassignment
She broke down declaring that she could really understand our this and that
But we filled one more platter with whatever and unknowingly she came back
Two snorts in and Feds and the DEA begin to react to the fucking contact
Fucking undercover ass bitch thinking I'm a cornerboy slinging fucking crack
Use to the cornerboy type that think of cars, rims, and pussy
I smelt narc all on this bitches ass for snorting all my shit and being all pushy

I had already been paid so I dapped the host, hipped him and then bounced
I hipped Nico to the incident, threw the phone away, and went home flushing every ounce
In a few months me and my boy Nico will make all of this and more back
But for now it's about staying out of court looking like cornerboys pushing fucking crack
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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