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Cracking The Bitch Code

     "From sun up to the star less dark
The sound of the streets beat from a black heart,
      "Decade from decade without a lick of change
Singing the same song of broken and beatdown fame,
      "Where I'm from bodies go numb, girl's get filled with cum
And the hustled feel dumb,
      "AK's and nines are common like hammer and nails
Along with fools locked up in jail,
      "Rats and roaches out number people living in the slum
While the lost youth shoot at the cops for fun,
      "Or begin smelling themselves-fucking with the old head
Now they realize grandpa was not fighting as they lay dead,
      "Every week bitches be fighting over the same shit
Their petty emotional asses need to just motherfuckin quit,
      "Over money, men, hair or another bitch
Because she was tired of eating pussy and started entertaining dick,
      "Pain in any form is the skin of ugly
Having many questions do God hate me or do the Devil love me,
      "Like the church on the corner that is religiously confused
While next door at the liquor store their staggering like drunken fools,
      "Last week with a tranny a young buck lost a fight
Got dragged in his house and fucked all night,
      "His ass begged and moaned like a violated bitch,
Now the funny walking motherfucka bleeds whenever he shit,

       "Another crime that no one will report
So forever fuck it being a case in court,
   "A story that the streets will never tell
A shit stain covered up by a concrete hell,

   "Unfortunately for many that's how they live-staying positive
And surviving from a plentiful government with nothing to give,
   "And that's what is given-motherfuckin nothing
Tell that to hungry babies when mama is feeding them by fucking".
Written by CasketSharpe
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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