I Know

"You know, when it comes down to it.
You're just a man, nothing special or particularly defining about you.
A man who is the definition of monotony and envious of those whom live life to make themselves happy.  
A man who spent his life being boring, and hateful of anyone who wasn't constantly resentful like him.  
You choose to be in this routine and limit yourself.  
You chose this.  
There is nothing scary about you, you're just a man who vowed to himself to take anyway any opportunity for any woman to see your insecurities and that deep seeded pain you hide.  
You'd be surprised whom in your circle is so eager to sell you out.  
. . . I know more than I'm letting on.  
Like how your consent was ripped away for a price by the hands of man.  
So you decided to step in those foot steps and do the same so you don't get hurt in that way again.  
I know what has happened to you, and what you've done to the others.  
All given to me by your so called "friends".  
But you won't scare me like you did with them be it with brute force or meaningless threats.  
Because again, I know what you can and cannot do.  
And this time, I have many eyes on you with support beyond what I even expected.  
I will not be fear mongered into deleting anything, not even my truth about what you did to me.  
I'm not powerless like you thought.  
I will not be so easy to silence, you have no power here.  
So keep crying little boy, you won't do shit of any substance.  
What has happened to you, is not an excuse for what you have done.  
You aren't the exception to not taking any consequences for what you've done.  
And I don't have to do anything to please that."
Written by TheMonsterfromHe11
Published | Edited 24th May 2022
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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