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The Cindy Chronicles Entry #10

April 16, 2021 - I got on top, finally. I rode Xavier like the fine stallion that he is and I loved every fucking second of it.
Xavier came over in the afternoon, late as usual, but I have finally accepted that this is his MO. He was standing by my desk and turned to take a call. I took off my clothes and laid on the chaise. I have pretty much given up on the bed, maybe it will be a treat again someday...
When Xavier turned around he raised an eyebrow and said, "I see you have wasted no time in getting ready Ms. Jacobs," with a wide smile on his dark handsome face. I just twirled my long hair in my fingers then brushed the strands across my lips and nodded while looking deeply into his eyes. His brown eyes darkened and he walked over, slowly took off his clothes and sat near my side.
Leaning forward, his gaze never leaving mine, he began to nibble on my left breast then began tugging and biting, alternating between each breast. He knows I like it hard and the pain was exquisite. I smiled as I was moaning and his bright teeth showed a smile as he stared and me and chuckled with my nipple between his teeth. Then he released my nipple and his large hands holding my breast, he turned my nipple upwards and motioned for me to lick, which I did happily. "That's fucking hot," Xavier whispered as I swirled my tongue around the areola, enjoying the sensation and watching the bud harden. I turned myself on. Xavier let his other hand lightly graze my thigh as we still gazed into each other's eyes. Then he began to tease me, letting his fingers lightly graze my wet parts ever so softly as I broke our gaze and let my head fall back and a low breathless moan escaped my open mouth.
Xavier's fingers entered me and he was not gentle, which he knew I would like. He found my g-spot immediately and expertly stroked  me until I climaxed on his hand. This, the hand he just wrapped for reinforcement over the wrist brace he has been wearing for weeks. Then he fucked me with that hand, hard and I came, hard. Then Xavier stood up and pulled my head toward his erect dick and I eagerly took all of him. "Ooh, Cindy, you've been wanting him, I can tell." I immediately deep throated him as he stood there, with me laying on my side and caught him off guard. "Girl, what have you been doing, practicing? Damn, girl." I love giving Xavier head, ain't no two ways about it.
"Get over here. it's time for your therapy," Xavier said as he stepped back and went to the end of the chaise. Funny how we both have begun calling the things we know the other likes as therapy. Xavier's therapy is getting head and mine, well, it's getting fucked hard and deep. I quickly positioned myself on the edge, spread my legs wide and grabbed my ankles. "Yes," he said as he roughly pulled me down by my hips so that my ass was hanging off the edge. "I got you," Xavier managed to get out between pants as he began rubbing himself on my exposed flesh. That felt so fucking good, as he rubbed himself back and forth on my vulva as he lowered himself. The combination of the motion and his increasing weight was almost too much and I swear to all that is sacred, I could have squirted for the first time with him, but he quickly stopped when he saw how wet I was getting. "Just like I like it, shiny and slippery," he crooned as he parted the slickness and entered me. I reached down and began stroking my clit in rhythm with his strokes and he raised that damn eyebrow and smiled as I climaxed again.  
"Let me ride you. Lay on the couch," I said breathlessly. I was determined this time. I didn't care if my hips locked and stayed that way for all of eternity. I was going to fuck Xavier Crown. Xavier laid full-length on the couch as I put one foot into the back of the couch and lowered myself onto him. Damn, that felt so fucking good. Not nearly as good as getting nice and deeply fucked, but I'll take it. I rode him like I never stopped. Thirty-one years it's taken me to get back on top and it was worth the wait. He helped when he thought my standing leg was getting tired, but I held up my hand for him to stop. I ground down on him and moved in time to the music playing. I love Leela James. Her music is so soulful and excellent fucking music. My hips cooperated for once and never locked, God, whoever she is, was smiling down on me.
"I need to fuck you, I want to cum inside you," Xavier was saying and as he was saying it, I was off him in a flash and ass up over the arm chair. That first night we were together over a year ago, I told him, "nothing from behind, I always have to see your face." Now it's my favorite position. The feel of his large body against the back of mine while he thrusts deep inside me is like heaven. I love when he grinds into me and I can feel the warmth of him. He grabbed my neck, pulled my hair and did all of the things he knows I like as I clutched the back of the chair and backed into him while turning to look at him. I felt the tension building with both of us and just knew, which made my pleasure more intense. We were going to cum together this time and it nearly drove me wild. "Oh, Cindy!" Xavier shouted and I moaned and screamed, "yes!" as he thrust one last time deeply into me.
Afterward, I lay on the chaise again, this time in my red and black lace bra and panties and Xavier was sitting in the chair with his charming bright smile shaking his head. "I haven't came like that, especially standing up, in years. I thought I was going to cum when you were riding me. Just watching your face above mine...but when you went over an put your ass in the air, I was determined to make you cum again. You backing into me like that...I've said it before, girl, you are a beast. But that's usually after you have given me head for so long. Quite often I drive home after visiting you and I think about you looking up at me and giving me therapy for so long and what a beast you are. This time you've given me many visuals for when I'm driving home."
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