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The Two Faces Of Eve

Slayride Estate

Darla snuggled closer to Travis. Travis threw his arm over her hip, and hugged her.

The elevator doors slid open.

Bertha stepped off. She placed the tray on the dresser. She walked over and pulled the curtains aside.

“Close those damn curtains,” Travis barked.

Darla rubbed over Travis’ thigh

“Be nice. Good morning Bertha.”

“Good morning Dr. Cabaña. I thought you and Mr. Slay would like breakfast.”

“That would be nice. Do you need help with anything?”

“No ma’am. It’s a very beautiful today, would you two like to eat on the terrace?”

Darla looked down at Travis.

“Actually you could bring the tray over here. I would make sure this stubborn man at my side consumes it.”

“Thank you.”

Bertha lifted the tray from off the dresser and walked over to the bed.

Darla sat up against the pillows.

Bertha lifted the tray and positioned it over Darla’s lap.

“Thank you Bertha.”

“You’re welcome. Good morning Mr. Slay.”

Travis grumbled something under his breath.

Bertha walked to the elevator, and pushed the down button. The elevator doors opened, she stepped on. The elevators closed.

“Come on baby, you have to eat.”

“My stomach continues to feel queasy.”

“I know, but if you don’t eat, you will get weaker, and I will have to assist you to the restroom again, and to be truthful, we have run out of air freshener.”

“This is your fault, you and your damn chili hotdogs.”

“I know, and I’m sorry. I will make it up to you when you get much stronger.”

“My strength is gone, not my manhood.”

Darla went under the covers, and palmed his flaccid manhood.

“Whatever you say Superman, now please sit up.”

“Just leave me some.”


Travis opened his eyes and rolled onto his side.

“This meal Bertha has prepared is fit for a top-rated Hollywood Director.”

Travis sat up and looked down at the food contents.

“I will have a piece of fruit.”

“That’s a start.”

Darla lifted a piece of dewy melon, and held it up to his mouth.

“Do I need a bib or what?”

“My tongue works.”

Travis smiled. He bite into the fruit, he purposely allowed the juices to slide down his chin.

“You are a bad boy.”

Darla leaned over and licked his chin. She kissed his lips. Travis transferred the melon into Darla’s mouth. She swallowed it.

“That’s what I call sharing.”

She lifted a spoon of yogurt, and fed it to him.

“I like this pamper treatment.”

“I’m sure you do. How is your stomach fairing?”

“I think thee old man is back.”


Travis and Darla consumed everything on the tray.

“Now that was worth waking up too.”

“And I thought I was.”

“Baby, between food and that muscular body of yours, I have to go with...”

Travis lifted Darla’s hand and placed it over his brick-hard manhood.



“I am starving for a piece of meat.”

Travis laughed.

Darla lifted the tray from off her lap, and leaned over. She placed it on the floor.

“Are you sure you can handle all this sweetness at once.”

“I’m a man with a sweet tooth, come here.”

Travis pushed the covers down. Darla straddled his lap.

“Make love to me like we are serious about one another.”

Travis looked up into her eyes.

“Is this with all the sentiments whispered in your ear, the love faces?”

“Yes,” Travis whispered.

Darla leaned down and kissed Travis on his lips. He palmed the sides of her face and rested her forehead against his forehead.

Travis closed his eyes.

“Make love to me Darla, no pretenses.”

Darla inched back and kissed the top of Travis’ forehead. She kissed the side of his neck. “I think I’m falling in love with you Travis.” Tears slid down Darla’s cheeks.

“Shh.” He tenderly kissed her lips. “It’s all right I’m falling too.”

“You mean that.”


Travis cupped the sides of Darla’s face, and kissed her lips. He palmed her breasts, and repeatedly squeezed them.

“You are so beautiful.”

 “Being sick in bed with you for three days; no make-up, and my hair tousled every which way, thank you.”

“I love you for you, not the attributes; however, you still look damn good.”

“You are really working a number on my heart.”

“Well let me see if I can work something else.”

Travis flipped Darla on her back. He looked down into her eyes. He leaned down and kissed her lips. Darla already had her legs open.

Travis palmed his manhood and rolled it over the opening of her womanhood.

“Oh Travis.”

Darla lifted her upper body.

Travis kissed her lips. His dick slid inside her pussy.

Travis bent his head back. “Oh this is why I keep coming back for more.” He drilled his hard flesh inside of her.

Darla wrapped her legs around Travis’ legs, and matched the rhythm of her pelvis against his groin.

Perspiration seeped from Travis’ forehead.

“Tra...oh Travis, you’re hurting...oh baby don’t stop.”

Travis palmed the mattress and jammed his dick farther.

“ it comes.” Travis laid down on Darla, and trapped her lips. He ejaculated. “Oh...shit Darla.”

“Baby, here it...Oh Travis...don’t move I’m cum…cumming. Oh shit don’t stop.” She palmed his face and kissed him deeply.

Both bodies moved to the slicken sensation.

“Damn, you feel so good woman.”

“You are number one in my book.”

Travis inched back.

“You are getting good at this acting. The tears had me convinced. Yes, you are ready for a screen test.”

Darla pushed Travis’ chest back. “Pardon me.”

“If you can act with your emotions, than maybe you should star in one of my movies.”

“What happened to, ‘make love to me Darla, no pretenses?’

“This is a movie remember.”

“Get up!”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Yes, get up, now!”

Travis withdrew his manhood, and rolled over onto his back.

Darla turned over. She felt cheap and humiliated.

“Did I do something?”


“Then why are you upset.”

“I am not upset, just surprised.”

“Can I hold you?”

“I prefer not.”

“Dammit Darla talk to me.”

“I think we are way past that.”

“I do not do well with riddles.”

Darla turned back around.

“And I detest people who toy with my emotions.”

Travis sat up.

“You knew the game before it began. I never once took advantage of something that was given to me so freely.”

“My time? My emotions? What?”

“Your body.”

Darla clapped.

“You are really something. And the Academy goes to Travis Slay.”

Darla flipped the covers back. She marched over to the dresser, and pulled them open. Travis looked at her intentions. He flipped the covers back and ran around to the other side. He caged her presence against the dresser.

“What do you think you’re doing?”


“Why? Because you could not get your way with me.”

Darla turned around.

“Is that what you really think? Boy, you are a narcissistic person. I am leaving to go back to my life, no scripts, no acting, and not to be mistaken for a woman, you once dated.”

“And that’s the real reason you’re running.”

“I am not running, I am packing. Now excuse me.”

Travis did not move.

“Excuse me.”

Travis placed both palms on the sides of Darla, caging her presence. He looked down into her eyes. “You are putting gray hairs on my head.”

“I do not see none as of yet.”

Darla smiled. Travis looked down at her lips. He leaned in. Darla leaned her head back.

“No more movie Travis. You will have to pick from your dime a...”

Travis kissed her. Darla pushed at his chest.

“No Travis.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. He leaned down and kissed her neck. He kissed her earlobe

“Don’t go,” he whispered in her ear. “I happen to like you lying next to me.”


Travis kissed her lips and picked her up.

Darla wrapped her legs around his waist. Travis carried her across the bedroom. He settled her back against the wall.

Both stared at each other.

Travis lifted Darla and palmed his dick. Darla slid down on it.

Help me please Darla thought, she was addicted.

“Do you really think, I want you to take this away from me?” Travis lifted Darla’s hips. She closed her eyes.

“No, open your eyes; I want you to see the man fucking this pussy.”

Darla opened her eyes. She leaned forward, and nipped at Travis’ lips. Travis squeezed her buttocks, and slammed her pelvis against his groin.

“Oh...Tra….” Travis kissed her sentence away.

He lifted her arms above her head, and inched his face downward. He hungrily licked over her nipple, and suckled her skin.

“Oh...” Darla rotated her head sideways. Travis I...”

Travis invaded her pussy faster.

“Oh shit.”

Darla climaxed. Travis lifted her over his head, and brought her pussy down on his mouth. He suckled her climax.

“Travis...” She could not catch her breath

Oh she was lost.

Travis slid Darla down his body. He rushed her to the bed, laid her on it, and stabbed his dick back inside her. He ejaculated the minute his dick swam inside.

Darla climaxed again.

“Oh shit I love this pussy.”

Travis kissed Darla.

She wrapped her legs around his back, and reciprocated the emotions.

Travis planted kisses to her neck. He slowly inched back.

“When we leave out, we leave out together.”

“All right.”

Travis withdrew his manhood and stood. He swaggered. Darla got up quickly, and was at his side.

“I asked if you can you handle all this sweetness.” She looked at the sweat pouring from his forehead. “Baby, I think you overdid it, come here.” Darla helped Travis to the bed. She assisted him in getting in, and threw the covers over him.

Darla walked away.

“Baby, where you going.”

“To the other side.”

“Good, because, I need your warm body right next to mine.”

“I’m there.” She pulled the covers back, and sunk under them. She covered them.

“Can I hold you?”

“What is a good woman for?”

Travis scooted on Darla’s chest, and laid on her breast.

She kissed the top of his head and snuggled him against her body. She heard light snoring a few minutes later.

“You knew the game before it began. I never once took advantage of something that was given to me so freely.”

Now she truly knows the meaning of loving someone, and not for sure if it’s returned. She kissed the top of Travis’ head, and drifted to sleep.

Travis turned on his side and reached out. He opened his eyes. The bedroom was cloaked in darkness. He lifted his head.


No one replied.

Travis sat up and threw the covers back. He ran over to the dresser and pulled a dresser out. His chest rested when he saw her clothes neatly folded inside.

“Handsome, I am too big to hide in there.”

She walked into the bedroom and turned on the lamp.

“Feeling much better.”


“I have a surprise for you.”

Travis smiled. His boyish charm made her blush.

“For this big man you do.”

“Yes, now close your eyes.”

Travis closed his eyes.

Darla walked over to Travis, and got behind him. She covered his eyes, and assisted him out the bedroom into the bathroom.

“Are you ready?”

Travis’ hands went behind himself. He rubbed over her pelvis.


Darla uncovered his eyes.

Travis looked around the bathroom. A forest of candles were lit throughout. He looked at the Crystal bowl of strawberries, and a Crystal bowl of whip cream situated on a stand.

Travis looked down at the Jacuzzi, bubbles shielded the water.

“I thought you could use rejuvenating.”

“Thank you.”

“Please be careful getting in. I advised Bertha to change the bedcovering. In the meantime handsome, your water oasis awaits you.”

Darla held Travis around his waist, and helped him into the Jacuzzi.

He stepped over the rim, the other foot followed. Travis sat back. The jet stream liquefied his muscles.

“Feels good?”

“Baby yes. You are definitely worth it.” He leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Aren’t you getting in?”

“No, I’m sorry. Bertha and I prepared a dish for dinner which needs the finishing touches. You enjoy your soak handsome. I will be up in twenty minutes.”

“You sure you do not want to get in on any of this.”

Darla lifted a strawberry, dipped it into the whip cream, and fed it to him.

She kissed his lips.

“I’m sure; now enjoy your peace, because I will be back.”

Darla stood, and walked to the door.

“Dr. Cabaña.”

Darla turned around.


“Thank you.”

“You will.”

She winked at him and closed the door behind her exit.

Travis laid back and relaxed.


“King me.”

“Woman, you are killing me.”

“I told you not to mess with me.”

“Next time, remind me to listen.”

“Mr. Sla...Mr. Slay.” Bertha ran into the study panting. “You...”

“Bertha, take a deep breath and calm down,” Darla added.

Bertha took a deep breath. “Mr. Slay, you have been nominated for an Academy Award, for Best Director for the movie, Pillow Talk.”

“Wait, you directed Pillow Talk.”

“I told you woman this brotha has skills.”

“That is a favorite movie of mine.”

He looked at her and winked.

Travis stood.

“Mr. Slay, your PR Rep is on line three.”


Bertha walked to the door and pulled it close.

Travis walked around his desk.

“I will give you some privacy.”

Darla stood.

“Baby, come here.”

Darla walked around Travis’s desk. He hugged her around her hip, and lifted the telephone receiver. He rested it between his neck and shoulder; he pressed in the hold button.

“Man, you better not be wasting my time with rubbish.”

“I just got off the phone with the voting committee. You are in.”

Travis hugged Darla closer.

“Thanks man. I see another trip between my woman’s thighs is on the menu.”

“Too much info Slay, later man.”


Travis hung up the telephone. He lifted Darla and kissed her. “Yes.” He slid her body down his, and kissed her again.

Darla linked her arms around Travis’ neck.

“Congratulations Mr. Director.”

“This calls for a celebration woman.”

“I am up to that, just as long as no chili hotdogs are involved.”


Both laughed.

Bertha knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Bertha opened the door and peeped inside.

“Dr. Cabaña, you have a call on line three.”

“Thank you.”

Bertha pulled the door close.

“I hope you do not mind I gave my Publicist your telephone number, and had my calls forwarded from my cell phone to your home phone.”

“That’s not a problem.”

“Thank you.”

Darla reached downward and lifted the telephone receiver from off the cradle. She placed it up to her ear, and then took the call off hold.

“This is Dr. Cabaña, can I help you?”

Miami, Florida

“Have you forgotten you have a home in Florida? I had to pull some strings for this telephone number,” Vander breathed into the telephone receiver.

Darla turned her back on Travis.

“How are you?”

“Fine, now that I’ve finally located you.”

“I’m surprised to know how you got this particular telephone number.”

“That is classified information.”

Travis looked at Darla’s turned back. He looked down at her legs. His dick quickly responded.

“When are you coming back to Florida? Baby, I’ve missed you.”

“Is that so?”

“Are you busy?”

“At the moment, yes”

Travis reached over and pressed the speaker button.

“I miss making love to you, baby come home, please.”

Travis snatched the telephone receiver from out Darla’s hand, and placed it up to his ear.

“Listen partner; do not call this fucking number again. If you do, consider yourself arrested for phone harassment.”

Travis slammed the telephone receiver down in the cradle. He looked over at Darla.

“You gave another man my fucking home telephone number.”

“No, and I apologize for that. I do not know how he got my new cell phone.”

Travis crossed his arms over his chest.

“Try the truth, it usually works for me.”

“You were just nominated for an Academy Award, we should be celebrating.”

“I’m not in the mood, and next time, tell your little boyfriend not to call my fucking residence again.”

“I honestly do not know how he came about my new cell phone.”

“Was he your little sexual addiction bedtime buddy? The same bastard who disrespects my home, looking for his pussy.”

“I said...”

“This shit is not forgiven.”

“Can we talk about this later on? I still have to make reservations for us to dine out.”

“Bullshit! Some fuck calls my home aching for my woman, and you just want me to look the other way. Next you will have Peter calling. I do wonder how long it will take him to get under a sex addict’s skirt.”

Darla smacked Travis.

“That’s enough. You are way out of line!”

“I’m going to take drive, later.”

Travis walked to the door and exited his office. That was the last time she saw him.

Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
A chapter ripped out of one of my published novels

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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