Britain - the societal equivalent of a Harold Shipman advising you how to care for the elderly!

By Stanley Collymore
The one thing in Britain that isn't  
stolen or otherwise criminally  
or barbarously acquired is    
the Magna Carta document; since  
all else quite lawfully belongs to  
countries elsewhere, especially  
in the Global South. Distinctly  
as Britain is in reality a rather  
vibrant macrocosm of Jimmy  
Savile, and should justifiably  
be judged as an undeniably  
vile fake globally! For it was    
essentially this exploitative  
mindset that is still replete    
nationally that undeniably    
accounted for exactly why  
it was rather so obviously  
easy for vile Jimmy Savile  
to literally, get away with  
his disgusting behaviour  
all of his life and equally  
even be lauded too and  
likewise eulogized for it  
unbelievably even after  
his death and universal  
vilely graphic exposure.  
Yet most incredibly commands  
a surfeit of prominent, quite  
influential, establishment  
bods and hereditary  longstanding
friends, along with their disernibly
enthusiastic fervent admirers and
an ardent plethora of established
apologists in this decadent arena  
fashioned by Oxbridge Academia
and evidently also, parliamentary  
life plus a multitude of corporate  
fields all of them distinctly eager  
and likewise studious in their so  
crucially rather serious and very  
willing means, to most privately  
and happily render excuses, for  
a totally repugnant paedophile,  
and a most prolific, assiduously callous; vile, predatory sexually  
abusing vermin solely because  
so essentially they're distinctly  
so noticeably like Jimmy Savile.    
Just take an earnest look at the  
hereditary House of Windsor;  
Britain's distinctly laughably  
so pathetic, and incumbent, Prime
Minister; those clearly controlling  
that risible flagship Metropolitan  
Police; paedophile and generally other vilely, distinctly predatory  
sexually abusing, and obviously  
law breaking and undoubtedly  
unconcernedly, transgressing:  
with such dismissive impunity  
drug using politicians, who're  
in and out of office. The truly  
sick, and rather malevolently  
ecclesiastical demons clearly    
not just in the RC but also in  
the crucially too, legally and  
quite nationally established  
Church of England. Blessed  
distinctly, with all the other  
delusionally fake paragons  
of virtue, firmly ensconced  
within the realm of Britain.  
All that said, where does one  
really begin when it comes  
to the so-called MSM and    
its enlarged legions, of feudal serf,
and aptly thoroughly manipulated
distinctly intellectually challenged,
highly toxic, similarly inured racist
and rather ignorant xenophobes
Actually bearing in mind that vast  
hordes of them are so essentially and irrefutably themselves quite  
obviously literally and irrefutably routine escapees to Britain from  
all the several ongoing executed  
pogroms by their own European  
kin and neighbours in the lands  
that they really originated from;  
and subsequently also refugees  
once more from a distinctly too, notorious European, exclusively  
contrived and equally executed holocaust, whether calculatedly against themselves collectively;    
or others who were distincively  
and evidently victims like them  
but with their kind, undeniably favoured with refuge in Britain.  
And thus accordingly, with the  
vast majority of them are the    
actually, customarily amply  
name changed bearers  asininely  
and distinctively very ludicrously  
portraying themselves crucially  
and audaciously, as essentially  
the quintessential epitome of  
an unquestionably, authentic  
Englishman or Britisher, that  
clearly they aren't, but really  
and so obviously Stockholm  
Syndrome types, who quite  
distinctly and hypocritically  
deceitfully are delusionally,  
discernibly irrefutably also,  
an immigration-beholding,  
population living in Britain.    
What a country! What real  
weirdos as its inhabitants!  
Similarly also, what an apt  
example Britain literally is  
of a most squalid cesspit!  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
6 May 2022.  
Author's Remarks:  
When self-centred, rather privileged, amorally lascivious, sexually abusing, self-entitled and truly, self promoting  but previously in absolute desperate necessity as petrified refugees seeking necessary admission to a country like Britain that accordingly accords them their wish and let's them in.  
But when subsequently to their very initial admission and ultimately also their distinctly, virtual take over of the country which they're allowed to be in, they manifestly so, arrogantly behave as if their adopted country was actually indigenously their own. Then rather dastardly in the process, racially and effectively so,   most ironically xenophobically refuse valid entry to bona fide refugees, which they very imperialistically contrived and also financially exploitative illegal wars and war crimes undeniably caused.  
Then it's high time that all such egregiously inhuman bastards and discernibly likeminded bitches be summarily sidelined and equally permanently disposed of!  
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