Admit It

To hear the words coming out of her mouth that she knew I despised
Still spitting venom as the life fled from her eyes
She was a force to be reckoned with, no one could deny
As she laid there dying, she said you're dead but will not die

I felt a cold hand grip my heart in the middle of a beat
I watched as she fought for her last breath, gripping the sheets
Little did I know that I had just been cursed
Little did I know the tighten around my heart would only get worse

I watched as a small trail of blood slid down the side of her face
The impulse was so great to simply take a taste
But the blood of the dead is a take in it's own right
Devoid of life's forces, it has it's own hunger for life

Yet it calls to me as a vampire at the window of his dinner
The innocence locked in their blood could make him a winner
My sins I admit have been allowed to feast on me
A vampire, shit only wishes that he could be me

I've walked through the minds of the criminally insane
where we've thrown shit into the air and watched it fall back down as rain
Rubbed into our clothing and smeared all over our face
With heads titled back, and mouths opened wide to catch a taste

For those that don't know chemtrails isn't new, this isn't the first time they've came out
I've froliced about in clouds of DDT being sprayed about
Synthesized death taking more humans than mosqtoes out
For those that still have doubts, find out what Tyronne Hayes is talking about

I've been labeled a demon spawn, and I sit upon the counsel supreme
It amazes the counsel members to watch as man plots and scheme
You devised and executed plans that were totally out of our hands
We sit upon our bench realizing that we are no longer in demand

We simply wound man up and allow him to go about his life
We truly take no credit for the rapes, the murders, the everyday strife
Man is a remakable creature, hiding in secret labs with bunsen burners and vials
Yes that old lady knew us, it's true we had been dead for awhile  
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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