chopsticks on the living and dying of things

I saw an advert for teardrop shaped caskets  
where coroners break one’s rigor mortis  
to fold them back into foetal position  
plant them with a seed  
and let nutrients  
from the decaying carbon  
feed a tree that will go on to help us breathe  
I thought that in itself was poetry  
how we’re born of seeds  
and to seeds, roots, limbs, leaves  
we may be fed  
I love -- that there’s no choosing  
whether to enrich this nest of ours  
in whose familiarity we will never again  
drink or be merry  
once we've consumed  
much as our mortal forms allowed  
In the brain of a crow  
there has been found a suggestion  
of consciousness  
awareness as visceral as ours  
and humans can only speculate  
as to what purpose  
an enormous extra lobe could serve  
in the brain of an orca  
taking into account  
that molecules remember interactions  
that reality is self perpetuating  
that particles only behave while being directly observed  
their ability to appear in different places  
is still largely unexplained  
we are suspended  
in singular facts  
that add up to only half-truths  
innumerable questions amplified  
Religion promises  
that when we pass from this mortality  
all will be understood  
or maybe fungi have it down  
telling us in dreams how it’s all connected  
through mycelium  
and doesn’t matter which part we play  
in the body of the earth  
life will manifest itself in fibonacci spirals  
and growing/feeding/decaying cycles  
as simply, as brightly  
as hideously  
as facial expressions  
maybe it begins in the soil
Written by Jestalessa
Author's Note
Originally published 30th Nov 2020
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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