All my life, I've worn dresses,
Brushed my long, thick, flowing, tresses,
And my eyes were kept blind
To the world that was behind
Such a thin veil,
Now to nearby shores I sail!
I've tried different labels, cutting and pasting,
But the glue, it seemed to keep failing,
I didn't want to be anything but me,
Trying on categories and terms, to see what did fit me,
As I see people non-conforming,
As I see people changing,
As I see people rearranging,
As I see people becoming what they were always meant to be,
I wonder if I can be truly me?
I wonder if I can do the same?
I don't know how you'll take it, but it doesn't matter, all the same.
I've always found women to be pretty,
And I wanted to be pretty like them, but what's made me most happy,
Is being slightly more masculine in some features,
I've always vibed just a bit more with pictures
Of cool-looking guys in movies, TV, and other media,
When I think about being not fully feminine, I feel euphoria.
I don't want to be ambiguous both,
Not that that's what I loath,
Just feminine with some masculine features,
Sometimes I feel masculine,
Sometimes I feel feminine,
I'm not entirely either one,
But I'm also not fluid, just one,
I feel as if I'm both,
Just choosing how to dress, choosing from both.
I'm not choosing who I want to be,
I'm choosing to follow my heart and be me.
I know not all will agree,
But I need to be true to myself,
And be my truest self,
Not put myself upon a shelf.
I like being called she,
But I also like being called he,
I'm struggling with an issue of sorts,
Strumming my heart, listening to the chords,
What are the notes, and what do they tell me?
What is the best way to be me?
Do I stay with he,
Or use both he/she, interchangeably?
I know of other sets too,
But I just like one or both of these two,
I know I'm not strictly female,
I know I'm not strictly male,
But I like being gendered,
I like knowing I'm known by the words with which I'm paired.
I know I'm androgyne,
I know my gender is stationary, in-between,
And I know it's only my presentation that changes from day-to-day,
So what should they say,
When they refer to me, everyday?
Written by Orc_Pirate_68 (Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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