Open Your Eyes  

Over half of what we write isn't fucking shit
We'ld rather you stab us in the fucking throat than agree with it
Disdain portrayed, uncertain aggression
How can you be assured that I've learned my lesson

As we write this shit our chest constantly swells
This bitch looks like death and fucking smells like hell
Let's take this shit to a whole different level
You're on level two, but think that you're a rebel

Where can we go without flesh
Stripped to nothing and with nothing left
The flesh is only associated with fucking emotions
Let me take you to the point that started the commotion

Spirit and flesh were both once intertwined
Soaring through eternity by a cosmic design
But with the eating of the apple transcending to us
The deliverance of fire by prometheus

A mind was added determined to fuck shit up
Once filled with love now we don't even trust
What was once clean is now fucking corrupt
Hell I use to fucking know you but now I'm ready to bust

Hell don't make me do this shit and fucking do what I do
Look into a mirror but make you bring your whole crew
This cant be the work of one, it would take an army of a few
To run through your shit and leave only you

Like Rodney said, "why can't we all just get along"
This shit is now a cycle, we're singing the same old songs
And they give us everything to keep singing this fucking song
Praying that we don't realize who's truly causing our harm

Dudes and chicks forming clicks
Set claiming shit they don't own, now isn't that sick
We rent the projects, barrios, and ghettoes
That trailer park isn't your's encase you didn't know

But still we're willing to die for this shit
Alcohol and music is added to start the shit
Add a gun and a blunt and you're ready to front
We don't manufacture shit, but we have hollow points

The guns, the music, the motherfucking dope
Is all pumped in to drain you of your last motherfucking hope
The ghetto was experimented on animal by scientific minds
The animals went crazy killing each other, now can you see the signs
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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