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"Hey babe, see that guy over there, with the red tie? He offered me three
hundred dollars to straddle him and pee on his face!"  

"I hope you said no. Holy shit"  

"I said maybe. I didn't want to piss you off"  

"You know I don't like you doing crazy shit"  

"Turning down an easy three hundred is crazy shit"  

"It's too far. And we gotta cut back on the coke, too"  

"Oh, so you're having an epiphany now? Now?"  

"I've been thinking"  

"Well go think your ass to the house. I'm making this money"  

"It's that easy? Dismissing me?"  

"You know the game, baby. I'm in it to win it!"  

"I think I'm done. All this shit"  

"Fine. See ya later"  

"No, you won't. I'm done, done. And I'm moving out of the house"  

"Really? You're going to be a dick about this? Fine, fuck off"  


When you fell, from the dark sky  
When the curtain of Twilight lowered  
upon you at your most graceless,  
I blamed myself  

I never told you  
that I had wished for you  
any way that I could have you  
So, you fell  

When you stood,  
I steadied you with my hands  
But I wanted my arms around you  
I didn't understand  
how the timing of too close worked  
and I didn't look when you dressed  
time and time again  

I had seen you distant enough  
through my guardian eyes  
You were mighty and yet frail  
Staring at the sky and knowing  
that darkness must go away  

One of the years was supposed  
to be the last  
and yet they lasted  
as you continued to pale  

One handed claps are not applause,  
So you'd look away  
as the sounds faded  
as a hundred commotions died down  

Just the same as those shoes  
that didn't fit anymore  
The ones you left behind  
because they hurt your feet  
Hurt your knees  
They were part of the tools  
of the trade  
Part of the wardrobe malfunctions  
Not mis-purposed  
when the articles  
collapsed around you  
-After all  
you were paid to fall  
upon hard landings  

Until the last time  
once you realized  
that pale is no version  
of pearl  
Not at Twilight  

Life in daylight can be bare feet  
Because the grass is green  
and you'll be taller  
just by standing straight  
When you learn that smiles  
aren't supposed to bite  
And that hands aren't just grip  
They are branches too  
to reach for  
as you fall  

For the bruises that didn't go away  
you remedied with ink  
The pain of that felt like staples  
Yet you're back together  
the ex-bride of many frankensteins  
But knowing now  
not all scripts involve monsters  

All dark angels fall  
Yet I saw you as landing  
and grace raised around you  
as sheer petals from a flower  
that had waited for you  
so it could grow with you  
Because you're its hope  
to be beautiful too  
And people will say  
how impeccable you look  

Most everyone thinks  
that angels fall during daylight  
so that they can be seen  
I know and I knew  
dark skies are for the fleeing  
So that the past cannot chase  
any of us down  

You'll go about a life less turmoiled  
and beauty will find you  
and take you from barely fair  

My arms will still be heavy  
because I cannot lower them  
waiting to hold you again  
in case you fall  

But I know that you won't  
ever again  
The sun will rise behind you  
You are the pearl  
in a dawn of gold  

Looks like wings  
from here.  

"Well hey Styx!Long time no see. How's it been going?"  

"Good.You still working at the Twilight?"  

"Nah. I moved on to other things. It got bad"  

"Yeah, I imagine"  

"So do you still do the writing thing?"  

"Some.Not much"  

"Did you ever write about me?"  

"I wouldn't know what to say"  

"Haha. You'd probably say I was a demon"  

"Maybe not"  

"You know it's ironic running into you. Last week, I was telling my best  
    friend that you were probably the one. I messed it all up. That damn  

"It's fine"

"We should get together soon, catch up. Maybe read me something?"  

"I dunno.I write junk"  

"It made me happy"  

"Me too".  


Written by Styxian
Published | Edited 26th Apr 2022
Author's Note
Life is a book of pages. Don't bookmark too many.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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