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Rotting Within Remains

A blade I sharpen as I loom over your restrained body
Whilst you weep in sorrow and fear that you call remorse
Like the last one that crossed me and took her you’re in for shit
And I begin to carve into the flesh that you so cannot control
Spilling the blood that you never deserved to contain within your veins
Your very existence is repugnant and I aim to take that existence
And destroy it beyond the point of it ever seeming it happened
All that will be left of you and your memory will be the remains of you
One slice after another I mutilate you whilst you scream in pain
I break your arms and legs and each one of your very ribs
And slice slits within the broken pieces of them six inches deep
Now I’m going to do to you what you did to deserve your torment
As I plunge my cock into the slits I created in your chest fucking you
Raping your body while you scream with pain and disgust
The pain in your lungs and the pain in your flesh soon silence you
And force you to just take it like the little whore you sought to be
No mercy I will show with every thrust I make into you
Switching holes often between the breaks in the ribs to puncture
Your lungs in different places and to force your blood from your veins
Whilst I sharpen the knife for some modifications to your genitals
I slice open your testicles and slowly remove them from your scrotum
And force them into two of the holes I afterwards carved into
Your stomach forcing them into the bodily cavity along with your organs
And I begin to remove the skin upon your penis leaving just the muscle
I cover each of the fibers within it with the finest powered glass
And force a flesh-light onto you forcing the glass to tear into your cock
All while I still remain raping your lungs that you struggle to breathe from
I pull out from you once I can see that you are about to take your last breath
And I flip you over onto your stomach and attach hooks into the foramen of your
Vertebrae in your back and begin to pull the steel they’re attached to
One by one removing your vertebrae from your back all the way up
To your neck where the last is pulled and your spinal cord severed from your heart
And death is instant the one thing you’ve been praying for since the start
Your torture is over and you couldn’t be happier than be rotting within remains

Owned by Dustin Smith: Bastardofbodom666
Written by bastardofbodom666 (Helvete Blod)
Published | Edited 19th Mar 2012
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