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To Sir, With Lust

Dear Sir,    
I don't know you but I dreamt about you last night.      
You were watching me from the doorway and when I caught a glimpse of you, I almost stopped, but my body kept talking and I told my mind to shut up.    
I met him at the same party. Muscular back, broad enough for nail digging and an ass to match. I followed him into the kitchen, not sure where my mind was going to take me, but I was bored and he looked fine.      
I told him I was thirsty as he reached for a bottled water from the refrigerator. I figured he was on a fast, being that he was muscular and drinking water, thought he must be one of those body builder types. He turned to look at me, his eyes traveling from my short mini skirt to my tits as he handed me a bottle.    
"I'll take something harder," I told him while biting my lip and letting my gaze travel south. He smiled then, his bright smile in contrast to his dark skin and with a twinkle in his amber eyes, he extended his hand.    
I put my hand into his and let him lead me down the hall to the coat room, away from the noise and bustle. When the door closed, or when I thought it closed, he unzipped and stepped out of his linen trousers and sat on the arm chair. His rock hard thighs in competition with that ass and those shoulders, but his rock hard dick is what got my attention.      
I took my breasts out of my mini dress, got on all fours and crawled to him, slowly. He reached behind him and handed me a pillow and I placed it underneath my knees. He was leaning back, with a wide smile and I crawled up him, began to kiss him and took his tongue in my mouth. We kissed endlessly as he grabbed my ass.      
I kissed his face, biting his lips and ran my tongue through his gotee, then trailed soft kisses to his trimmed hair. I reveled in the scent of him. Then I got busy with the business of pleasuring.    
It was only seconds after I started, that I saw you in the doorway as I glanced to the left as I heard the click of your breaks. I only saw you for a few seconds, but it was your eyes that drew me in. Eyes filled with a desire and a longing that took my breath away and made me ache for you.    
As I turned back to look at him, I saw your eyes and he ceased to exist.    
As I traveled the length of you, I stared into your eyes and the wetness began. As you watched me take you in my mouth, my tongue doing an erotic dance, I heard you moan, "only you know how to please me." I moaned in response and the vibration traveled from your balls to the tip as I swirled and I sucked.    
"Your eyes, they have me in a trance," you said breathlessly as I worked my magic. I took you into my throat and allowed you to cum, feeling the wetness seep through my panties as you warmly coated me.      
When I finished, I turned to look but you had disappeared. I asked around but nobody seemed  to recognize a guest that fit your description.      
I had dreams of you all night, of sucking you off in various locations around the world. Each time you called me, "darling," and I would cum when you came.    
I woke up this morning with a strong desire. Usually I just have fleeting dreams but this morning I would have devoured you had you been beside me.  
Written by Her
Published | Edited 19th Mar 2023
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