A Helluva Story

Sat down with a cup of coffee, a piece of clear white and an ink pen, to write this poem, then a different one, and well, then... However, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find the endings, so these are the three attempts of writing the same poem, each a different way and never finding an ending...

coffee comes in variety  
-slow percolated coffee  
-meticulous pods †
-instant and high speed  
on the run  

I'm a pod kinda guy  
I find the instant †
watered down  
and tasteless  
the percolated  
more of a chore †
than a drink  
pods though provide  
that flavor  
with a moment for thought  

I was thinking, I like lifts  
they're effortless in their flow  
from one story to the other  
Escalators are mad  
all that virus on the black-belt  
all the chewing gum taking a trip  
from soles  
Nike to Addidas  
Though, I have recently found myself  
looking through doors  
in a attempt †
to find a set of stairs  
slower but rewarding  


speed is a thing  
when written by a non-writer  
at a desk  
on paper  
by hand  
it seems a bit cheeky  
that a guy  
with a crappy haircut †
and an education that  
talking about  
and sex  
would even dare †
relate the †

Star trek left a hole  
when the arm tattoo †
came up, that girl didn't do †
a single thing to be labeled †
a tool  

honestly, sometimes  
reflections, sang it best  


There once was a maiden so fair  
Who sat in a cane rocking chair  
Doing paintings, crafts and other arts  
While reading words and novels in parts  

While reading words and novels in parts  
She'd bake fresh cupcakes and jam tarts  
Discussing the world and the war  
Talking tattoos her family wore  

Talking tattoos her family wore  
While reading words and novels in parts  
This maiden took to all the hearts  
of soldiers and statues, whose uniforms tore  

Of soldiers and statues, whose uniforms tore  
Talking tattoos her family wore  
While reading words and novels in parts  
This mai..  

A moment of silence for 3 Chaplets of unfinished poetry, ending their lives entitled "A Helluva Story!"  
Written by RevolutionAL (Alistair Plint)
Author's Note
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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