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House Of The Lies N Scum..(Yes you guessed it..Remix of House Of The Rising Sun.

I: As I say my ass down one day out on the street, I could sense a Police presence, I was feeling the heat,
And then before I knew it there's a Fed in my face, and a firm load of *bizzies all over the place,
There were *Jack's to the left, *Armed Response brought the storm, don't think they're not *plod if there's no uniform,
There's too many divisions,too many by far, and if they hear that *Scouse twang you're getting thrown in their car,
II: I can sniff a Fed out see, from many a mile, and it's kept me from prison now for quite a long while,
And as we head to the front line between us and them, there's a shout that rings out and it goes, 'F.T.M'
So it's power to the people, may never we cease, in taking control from the Merseyside Police,
I've a hidden agenda from every last cop, that denies them the strength to remove us from top,
III: With the war-torn & weary still dropping like fleas, rather die on my feet than to live on my knees,
So enlist my Scouse brothers and lay this place bare, come fight these fcukers with me if you dare,
Cause we're staunch and we're hard-core when we're in the house, look at our demeanour, you can tell that we're Scouse,
As Police feed on your confidence, stamp on your pride, we'll light up the night sky here on Merseyside,
IV: So come pick a side and don't suffer no fool, come battle beside me here in Liverpool,
As anger breeds anger and soon becomes rage, but it's war with us Scouser's they're here to wage,
When you see at the end of the damage been done, we're fighting a battle that's one step from won,
So lay down your arms in the name of world peace, and we'll finish this war with the Merseyside Police,
V: Well our victory was imminent upon this world stage, cause I've fought with authorities from quite a young age,
But it don't get you nowhere lest you play your part, and when you reach the end,you're right back at the start,
With the thunder and the lightning rains down from the skies,and you suddenly realise how quickly time flies,
In a dog eat dog mission stacked up on the shelf, where the Devil's in the details, every man for himself,
VI: So we've reached the conclusion we spoke of before, though we lost the odd battle,we can still win the war,
And as we prepare to progress & advance, we'll come out on top given half off a chance,
So come stand beside me,you'll know what to do, to snatch us a victory from the boy's dressed in Blue,
But even in peace it'll be 'us & them' so whenever you see them shout out, "*F.T.M"
Written by mzlyrical (JuleZzz)
Author's Note
*Bizzies: slang term for Police in Liverpool as well other town's and cities in the North-West of England
*Jacks...another slang name for Police officers particularly detectives (C.I.D)
*Armed Response: A division of the Police force that are equipped with guns
*Scouse twang: Scouser's as im sure lots of you are aware are people native the Liverpool UK, therefore Scouse twang is describing their accent/dialect
*F.T.M: I've actually covered this in one of my previous poems/lyrics, but for those who haven't read it F.T.M is a anti establishment diss mainly to one particular division of the Police called The Matrix, and it's a term adopted by many here with a fervent dislike for them and it means Fcuk The Matrix.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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