I can't accept you

Everyone tells me that I just have to let you be
To just learn to live with you in some kind of peace
But you're the one fucking ruining me; my life
Always overreacting, claws out first before anything
Sharp tongued and nasty, pointed jokes and sarcastic words
What is it about you that anyone could ever love you?
Oh you're so passionate, oh so protective; just fuck off
You're just a fucked up mosaic of broken glass shards
I wish you'd never came to haunt me and my life
Clawing at my skin, wishing I could tear you apart
Nails cutting open palms, teeth ripping into tongue
No one ever thinks I'm in the wrong when I deal with you
Fuck, I wish you'd die, so tired of you fucking up my life
I close my eyes and all I see is red, swirls and spirals of blood
The tunnel vision when I'm experiencing you is so hard to explain
The taste of blood on my tongue from biting you back
My shoulders ache in the tension you gift my body
My body, my whole being strung tight like a crossbow
And I'm so ready to fly away and into your chest
The way you live free inside my busted ribcage
The world is so cruel to make me share this body with you
Sometimes I'm glitching and we're one and the same
You're the color of my screams and the scent of my tears
I taste blood and all I think about is that it's the taste of you
The snarls in my ear is just your song that you happily screech
You're only happy when I'm lashing out and hitting anything
Never have you felt like my anger just a being that  possesses me
Demon of rage why do you live in my mind this way?
Do you think you're my protection? the light that ignites my passion?
I can never accept you as being a part of my being
You're just chained to my mortal body and someday I will kill you
Even if  I have to kill myself to get to your wretched body.
Written by BlueBeastGirl (Beasty)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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