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Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Life’s Serendipity

Seeing me in the element of Air, breathing life into the pneuma of the soul, which we come forth from the clay of life upon the earth for which we stand, soul recreated like a Phoenix arising out the ashes of Fire, christening our misfortunate in pools of water.    
Holding in our hand, the only admittance to our fate, that golden ticket that guarantees us a sweet life. Hum… think again, that make believe of anyone’s natural element to exist is only mimicked in the movies.    
The mirror is the reflection of one’s confounding soul, who you see is who you are, close your eyes; you still look upon that mirror, but the window of the soul has been blinded.    
If that is to be true, how can we go through the maze of life, unprepared to believe in our mental gifts. Or the ability of self-potential.    
We stand in denial of what others may think, negating perceptions of thy self that hinder the path we are walking, how insane is it to follow the adaptation of the scorns, misconceptions of others.    
It’s the mind that comes down to the chemical capacities of science, relying on the mind catfishing the heart to belay the principles of justice versus or injustice, as the body stand in the choice of praise, of the dire consequences of its declining action.    
When we are in a euphoric state the brain releases those beautiful Endorphins, and when we are tenses, anxiety driven, the body releases Cortisol, the stress reduces, and in its excitability the rush of Adrenaline, giving the intellect in some situations the power to overcome with amazing strength, a natural state of fear or fight.    
I cannot fathom, and I say this with much respect, can anyone dawdle in the reality of stress, and remain rooted. The body have its natural hormones that could prevent such causes and effects. I know we all have calamities in life, and that's part of being human. Subsequently, then blame the world for the juxtapose of their immensely inconvenience, which brings me to the point, misery loves company, nevertheless, many stay in the mind-set to give superiority to mental illness and regulate patterns of someone who have factors of becoming a series mass murder, or murderer in general.    
An inconsolable intellect that cries in the dark, makes the most profound bitterness of one’s own self-truth.    
We are all the captains of our own fate, I cannot gage how much uncertainties, setbacks, or misfortunes someone has suffered unto by looking down at the shoes on your feet. Yet, we have many people ready to condemn your presence, your enlightenment, or your journey, your struggles, and for what? To make your journey seem ineffective and stark in comparison.    
No one ever gets compensated to crystal ball anyone else’s salvation in this realm we call life. Society alone has placed such peer pressure on one’s own existence, thin pale skin, you're in. Dark and lovely, deemed subconscious to fail through by designed fallacies of man to adhere, an inborn mentality to have indigenous segments of humanity never to lead, to receive less not the best, or left behind to thrive in an already castrated culture.    
I say, live your life to the best of YOUR advantage if the past defines who you may be in the present, then it is safe to say the future of anyone is a road less traveled, for a path never taken or believed in to experience a better tomorrow.    
Laying in shadows the collector of souls, the entities that drain the lifeforce of anyone.    
Oppressive forces that mates with the darkness of mind, will always bleed the insignia of the heart, and then sell the essence of the soul, whereas the body must ascertain the dire consequences and suffer under the discovery. Giving into the rapture that hide beyond the void and in the silhouettes of wraith.    
Therefore, smile and just be true to yourself; one love always to self, and never to forsake the love given of others.    
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 4th Apr 2022
Author's Note
It is better to stumble over small rocks and raise up, then laying down waiting for the heavy boulders to roll over us

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