Image for the poem [ NaPoWriMo 2022 Collection ]  Oracle

[ NaPoWriMo 2022 Collection ]  Oracle

They who know their own magic
may foretell that of another's

In the Beginning

They were prophesied before light
those divine seers of balance
who would offset the dominance
of fear and ignorance

Thus, emerged existence, ignited
by flickerous explosions
heralding its own destiny
through multi-dimensional experience

Formlessness begetting embers—
sparks of souls, drifting
further from the Source of their birth
separated by the eternal womb
of blood and bone
yet connected by a silver cord

Who would outlast the countless
armies of contrast
—throughout eons of lives—
all for enlightenment

Part I: The Spirit of Prophecy

To men was given the strength to build the world;
to women the wisdom to birth and rule.

i. Puah—1576 BCE

From a Testament of Old
comes forth Miriam, a seer
known as "Puah", a whisperer
knotting marriages together

Mother of Israel—midwife
sister to Moses and Aaron
prophesying a deliverance
born of her mother's womb

Her well a rolling stone
accompanying manna from heaven

For so it is written
and so was it done:

That in the year 2448, after Creation
her visions came to pass
amid clouds of glory
and blood-stained earth

ii. The Pythia 700 BCE - 400 AD
Delphi, Greece

High Priestess of Apollo
—god of the sun—
orating riddle and rhyme  
from divine possession
for weary supplicants to discern

Though science now claims
large amounts of carbon dioxide
—a volcanic fault beneath her feet—
the reason for her trance-like state

—none can explain
the prophetic language
escaping her parted lips
from such a hypnotic state

Most known of Oracles—
sanctuary to the Delphinians
yet biblically translated
—from her mother tongue—
as the Pythoness

For so it was ordered
and so was it done:

That in 391 CE
"the Pythia spoke no more"
and Roman Emperor Theodosios
banned divination at large. . .
closing all oracular shrines

iii. Deborah 1237—1198 BC
Ephraim, Heart of Israel

Israeli prophetess and 4th judge
of Israel comes Deborah
—Hebrew for bee, wasp—
during the oppression of
her people by Jabin
the Canaanite king

One of seven judges sent by God
she held court beneath her palm-tree
in the regional, mountainous air
between Ramah and Bethel
for roughly 40 years

It was there she commanded:
—unto Barak of Kedesh-naphtali—

‘march armies unto Mount Tabor
where the Lord your God
will draw out your oppressors
and drop them into your hands'

And thus it was commanded
and thus was it done:  

In the year of 1250 BC
Deborah and Barak
defeated Sisera, Commander
of the Canaanite armies
at the Kishon River—
known ever-after as the river
of slaughter or dismemberment

iv. Huldah, 624 BC
Jerusalem, Israel

Huldah, 'burrowing animal'
seeking out to examine
pieces of knowledge
and wisdom to nourish
the mind and heart
of Israelites

Professed prophetess
Oracle of high social rank
recorded in the Nevi'im portion
of the Hebrew Bible—

the first woman
and person to declare
certain writings
   Holy Scripture

The Huldah Gates
in the Southern Wall
of the Temple Mount
   are her namesake

From her excavations
came an uttering revelation
and cast-iron prediction
the destruction of Jerusalem

For so it was prophesied
and so it came to pass:  

In the year 597 BC
the Babylonian empire
under King Nebuchadnezzar
destroyed the city of Jerusalem
and felled its Temple Mount

v. Noadiah, 445-500 BC
Jerusalem, Israel

'With Yah'weh'—Noadiah
Prophetess; defender of families
against the patriarchal
hand of Nehemiah—

To cleanse the city
and return to ethnic purity
at all cost, including violence
Nehemiah cursed returnees
beating them mercilessly
ripping their hair from the scalp—

forced them to divorce
their foreign wives
and cast their children aside

From cruel ethnic cleansing
dividing the Israelites—
Noadiah outwardly opposed
his decrees and reconstruction
of the wall to protect
only the select few

But—alas, so it was written
and so it was done:

That between the years 445-500 BC
—upon completion of the wall—
Noadiah was branded
a false prophetess—
and her history erased

vi. “The Prophetess”, 800 BC
Jerusalem, Israel

Nameless she remains
to this day—known only
by her husband's genealogy
and offspring's legacy:

Her first-born's moniker
a living testament
for imminent destruction—
the remnant
that shall return

was borne by the second

What could we discern
from a wife and mother
without a name of her own—
except the Spirit of Prophecy
bestowed long before
or the birth of a child. . .

God is no respecter of persons
all being equal—men and women;
and from her womb
came undeniable proof:

For so it was birthed
so it transpired—

In the year 722 BC
King Shalmaneser of Asyria
conquered the northern land
and exiled all ten tribes

vii. Hadassah Esther, 493 BC
Souza, Persia

Hadassah Esther, seemingly
opposite in meaning—
steadfast in infinite inheritance,
yet hidden
within prophetic bounds
of the conscious observer

Jewish queen
of a Persian nation—
a target of retribution
by a seed of vengeance
within its mother's womb
forming bitter growth
rooted in mass genocide
half a millennium
before her time

Superiority and pride
became the downfall
of attempts upon her
and her people's lives

For so it was commanded
and so was it done:

On 16 Nissan, the King of Persia
—whose heart truth had won—
ordered her enemy hung
from his own gallows
intended for one
Mordechai the Jew

Part II. The Sibylline Books ( Prophecies )  

"The Sibyl, with frenzied mouth uttering things not to be laughed at, unadorned and  
unperfumed, yet reaches to a thousand years with her voice by aid of the god."
~ Heraclitus  

i. Sybilla, 600 BCE  
Temple of Apollo at Gergis

The Sibylline Books
are not to be confused  
with the Sibylline Oracles,  
whose prophecies
were allegedly confirmed  
by a sibyl, yet written  
by Christian and Jew

The authentic Libri Sibyllini
those Songs of the Sybills
were a collection of nine
oracular utterances  
—described by Heraclitus—  
depicting Rome's fate

Penned in Greek rhyme  
worth 9 bags of gold
until six were burned—  
three for each offer  
he king declined—  
those contents forever lost  
to the Republic of Rome

The value of the final three  
remained the price of nine  
—so Virgil's legend says—  
thus, were purchased
and entombed
beneath a temple honoring Zeus  

Their influence introduced  
eastern gods into Rome's  
pagan religion: Apollo, Ceres,  
and "Great Mother" Cybele  
with their rituals and beliefs  

Partially destroyed by fire  
in 83 BCE; what remained
were publicly burned  
around 408 CE  
Though some claim  
remnants remain today

ii. The Erythræan Sybil, 1250 BC
Erythrae, Ionia (Asia Minor)

Daughter of a shepherd
and celestial nymph—Sybilla—
Prophetess of the Acrostic
aside the Aegean Sea

Shrouded in mystery—
etching on leaves
in the mouth of a cave
predicting Troy's destruction
and falsehoods
of a great poet;

foretold the coming
of Jesus the Christ
in acrostic poetry
spelling out his name:

'Ihsous Xristos Qeou uios spthr':

"Jesus Christ the Son of God,
the Saviour."

For thus it was predicted  
thus it came to pass:  
in the year of 1250 BCE
Troy of Ilium was laid to waste;

In the year 800 BCE
Homer penned the Odyssey;

and between 2-6 BCE
the birth of Jesus Christ
by starlight was proclaimed
in the little town of Bethlehem

However, it is also known
as a pious translation
whose goal was to promote
Christian religion to heathens
by way of their own alleged prophecy

iii. Cumaen Sybil, 1500 BC
Baiae, Cumaean Peninsula, Italy

Anathematized by Apollo
for refusing him her body
she became a cave-bound virgin
cursed to live
the number of granules
in her handful of sand
without youth or beauty—

a mere mortal woman
serving as a bridge
between the living and dead

Legend proclaims
she encountered Aeneas
—Trojan hero of fame—
near the mouth of her cavern
led him to the underworld
to consult his father's shade
and discover the future

In her isolated commune
she faithfully sang the fates,
entrusted signs and symbols
upon oaken leaves
to become
The Sibylline Books

to which she later offered
the last king of Rome
but for nine bags of gold

By now you know
how the story goes—
only three were left to consult;
thus, guided the republic
through victories in war

What would've become
of Rome
had six books not been burned

is something no one
will ever know

iv. The Libyan Sibyl, 1,200 BC
Temple of Amun-Ra, Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Siwa, center of Egyptian culture
home to the Libyan Sibyl—
the first woman to chant oracles
within its sacred temple
on the hill of Aghurmi

Greeks claimed her
ancient genealogy
as half mortal, half divine:
daughter of Zeus and Lamia,
fathered by Poseidon

But her own oracles revealed
the true lineage of her line:

An immortal nymph was my mother,
my father an eater of grain;
On my mother's side of Idaean birth,
but my fatherland was red

Her fame widespread
unto the Mediterranean
bringing forth Pharaohs
for Aman-Ra's blessing

Alexander the Great
pilgrimaged to her himself
to receive the same

Short lived was the army
of Persian King Cambyses
who sent forth 50,000 men
to destroy the Libyan Sibyl  

For as predicted by her speech
his conquest of Ethiopia would falter;
thus, his dispersion of forces
to end her life vanished
without a trace—

Swallowed by waves of desert sand
without a sign to mark their grave  

v. The Persian Sibyl, 400 BC
Apollonian Oracle, Delphi, Greece

Though many called her Babylonian
Hebrew, or even Egyptian
there were also alleged names:
Sambethe, Helrea, and/or Sabbe

Jewish legend calls her Sabbe
or Sambethe, designating her
a daughter of Noah—
while her sisters married
the pagan sons of men
and subsequently drowned
in the flood

This claim is believed by some
to be falsified doctrine—
a translation of the original
Sibylline Books into Oracles
by scholars and monks
for purposes of religious influence

She is known to have predicted
the pan-Hellenic project
of Alexander the Great,
who broke the power
of the Persian empire
by overthrowing Darius
in the year 333 BC

It is further alleged
by some scholars
that Alexander himself
chose Christianity
to further the political agenda
of his imperial cult

Others note that Christianity
itself didn't exist
until the First Century CE. . .

a full 223 years after
Alexander's untimely death
in 323 BC

vi. The Dodona Oracle, 2000 BC
Thesprotia, Western Dodona, Greece

Legend proclaims from Thebes
flew two black doves—
the first settled on a tree of oak
in Thesprotia, Dodona
orating human speech
heralding that a temple
of Zeus must there be built—
a shrine of divination
to honor sacred guidance
under his name, as she
was ever nameless

Truth be known, the "doves"
—destined as oracles—
were kidnapped and sold
by the Phoenicians
to Libya and Dodona

Regardless of her origin
or strange utterances
from her Egyptian tongue
mimicking the cooing of a bird
until mastering Greek
the temple was built—
remotely hidden from view
or marked trail

Those who pilgrimaged
seeking her counsel
would be blessed
not by her name or gift,
but Zeus' assuming credit

So holy was the vortex
that one Argonaut's ship
possessed the gift of prophecy
because of but one timber
of oak spirited from Dodona

So sacred the place which birthed
the first known Sibyl
from the language of a bird

Part III. Becoming the Oracle

“Let go of the oars… everything you want is downstream”
~ Abraham via Esther Hicks

i. The Vortex

Dimensions expand when we release
our desire to control the outcomes
of scenarios our thoughts choreograph

The law of attraction is birthed
from a procession of desire
that cultivates growth
to a garden vine entwining
the lattice of our energy
as a double-helix DNA,
merging as one
with what's always been there:
the Source of Being

Celebrating possession
of what you don't yet possess
initializes a magnetizing effect:
What you imagine possessing
is not unrealistic in obtaining

On the contrary—

Tending to our own vibration
is the gateway
to the magic of manifestation

ii. Clutter Clear

Clutter: Buildup, debris—
flotsam and jetsam of energy
blockading the flow
of creativity

Stagnant inspiration
pooling across the foundation
of our expansive growth

Worn clothes, dead mothballs
nicked shoes & leather purses
outdated memories lining boxes
in attics, basements, and closets

So much past life, breathing
up the particles of space
until even our skeletons
can't breathe their secrets
of chain against bone
It permeates, a thick fog
encompassing the process
of thought until heavy like oil
or quicksand overwhelming
 our ability to move
 or love ourselves

begin with one drawer
it doesn't matter where
One drawer. . .
will enable a shift
that clears the space
for true desire to inhabit

iii. Sacred Space Clearing

That which surrounds us
influences whether seen
or not—thoughts become
things if left unguarded

Negativity can permeate
through a room as blood
through veins, pumping
continuously from its source

It can also multiply
if left to its own devices

Clearing space is as easy
as opening a door or window
followed by lighting a candle
or a wand of sage
with a simple blessing:

"Smoke of Air
Fire of Earth
Bless and cleanse
This home and hearth
Drive away
All harm and fear
only Love may enter here"

Bathing in salt and essential oil
cleanse the body, add crystals
for property absorption:
amethyst for stress relief
and balance; aventurine
for comfort and connection;
black tourmaline for cleansing
and resetting; rose quartz
for love and abundance

Infused body spray
and ritual clothing seal
the positivity
but, most importantly:

That which surrounds us
influences whether seen
or not—thoughts become
things if left unguarded

iv. Perspective

It's not what you see
but what you think
about what you see—
looks can be deceiving
and truth of a matter
hidden from plain sight

There are no mistakes
in life, only decisions
which produce experiences
that ignite joyful discovery
or sorrowful regret

But there are no mistakes
in life—regardless
of what you commit—
only choices which reveals
who or what we desire
to become, or what we don't
wish to repeat in the future

 if we choose to learn
 if we disallow fear
to control our will to Love
and be loved in return

The key to realization
that every decision
has been right
and every path perfect—
 even the most painful
 to accept

v. Belief

Faith begins with belief—
 any journey must be inclusive
 of believing you can
take the next step
 regardless of destination

The most important trip
anyone can make
is within themselves—
a veritable shadowland
of historic record:

Childhood joy
contrasted with trauma—
those memories
which make and break
our Soul destinies
should our thoughts
empower their ability

It's so much easier
to keep the closet locked
rather than dust
the cobwebs clean,
or bury the bones in ceremony
or melt the chains
into sacred jewelry

It's so much easier
to keep walking ahead

But what it would really mean
is a lack of self-belief
to become the best version of us
that we possibly can

vi. Faith

Faith is the daring
of the soul to go farther
than it can see

into deep, dark closets
with candle and broom
in hand. Or a sickle
to cut through
the amount of fear
still residing there  

Faith is a lack of worry
from a result of surgery
or waste of body
in its natural balance
of trust and belief
over any outcome

Faith is patience
in an impending result
that you know beyond doubt
will manifest
in its own divine time

It's knowing without knowing
—the unknown known—
that cannot be explained
nor taught in any form

It's coming home to self
airing out a closet
that's been padlocked
the majority of your life

vi. Expectation

The Buddha once said
all life is suffering
especially when, rather than
living in the moment
we seek perfection

Or crave attention
that's never granted
by the object of our affection

While no man is an island
—or so it's said—
there's a fine line between
and what's expected

Lives are not jobs
although they are
to a point
for the Spirit inhabiting
this fleshly cloak

The emotional time-clock
within the human body
resounds from birth—
we want the breast
we want changed
we want nurtured
we want. . .we want
we want. . .

and with, we flourish
without, we perish
But dynamics change
as we become adults

We can't rely on others
because it creates sadness
when they can't carry the weight
of our own happiness

Our contentment and joy
is our own to manifest—
the responsibility resting
solely upon our self

vi. Release

Triggers are an indication
of something
we are working on internally—
a shadow of self
we don't desire to face
but must
in order to expand

Thus, we subconsciously project
upon another who creates
a mirrored position
of our inward impulse
to grow, to rise above
the quagmire
holding us back

Then comes reaction
or response:
the former is a struggle against
the quicksand of circumstance
preventing spiritual growth—
the latter a doorway
manifesting evolution
of the Soul

Until we learn to let go
of our primal impulse to control
another's choice. . .
—which we believe will fulfill
our coiffeurs with worth
so we can survive this world—
the lesson will continuously repeat
in this lifetime or the next

The first thing is certain
and the second truth:
In acceptance lieth peace
But thru release there is Love

Part IV.  The Universe

All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark. ~ Swami Vivekananda
i. Time

"Time is an illusion"
created by our belief
in a tangible face, resting
against its secondhand movement

Some say there is no past
or future without particles,
energy manifesting form
into a virtual perception
of our individual experiences

Perhaps they're right,
past, present, and future
are all one singular moment
the majority of human form
cannot logically process
in one lifetime

In this clouded state
of structure, this gravity-
based density accelerating
an allusion of time,
we are born
into a skewed perception
of what is true

Time is not linear
there is much more;
there's a forever past
and a forever future
occupying a singular space
of forever now
one lingering moment
one split second
that we can't remember

All in One. . .
whether or not we understand

Yet, in some lifetime
or another
we are bound to resolve  

ii. Clarity

He who waits
renews his strength

He who hesitates
is lost for gain

Leaves us asking,
What to believe

It can produce skepticism
to say the least
but it comes down to two emotions:
trust verses confusion
When in doubt, mark time,
accept what is meant for you
cannot pass you by

On the contrary,
a better option will emerge
with such depth of clarity
you will wonder
how you doubted yourself
to begin with

Be informed:
Your mind can work best
when bewildered  
or even paranoid  
It's akin to being agnostic—
you explore every recourse
until lucidity surfaces
and you undoubtedly perceive
the correct path
Most importantly, remember
there are those who lack
the patience to manifest
their own dreams
without repeating patterns
who will attempt to hold you back

Do not allow their shortfalls
to instill fear in what you learn
to be your personal truth
the journey is yours—

Know first, then act
for your own good
iii. Karma

Permutations of lives lived
appear as new experiences
over and over again
so that we can taste  
the variation of being human
from the garden
we've sown
for our own growth
Husband and wife
parent and child
business colleagues
friends, and even enemies
through simultaneous living
of the past, present, and future
Lives are cyclic,
  recurring within dimensions
of existence beyond
this 3-D awareness
  where dense gravity
  weighs us down

These relationships
intermingle to highlight
  our strength and weakness
per pre-incarnate decisions—
  soul contracts designed
  to facilitate our growth
I am here for you
  are here for me
regardless of physical
belief in a system
designed purely
for joy and evolution  

Eventually, we all reach  
the ultimate connection:
Source energy—
an entity greater than ourselves
yet containing each of us
as part of the whole

At which point. . .  
we move onto new lifeforms
inhabiting other worlds
In my Father's house
There are many mansions:
if it were not so,
I would have told you

iv. Healers

Healers are Human
subject to shortcomings
that empower their evolution
through experience

They have consummated
pain and suffering
They recognize
the mirrored reflection
staring back
from that empty space
is their own face—

Throughout circumstance
they create and recreate
from the fabric
of forgiveness and grace

This is the unknown beauty—

Curers are not required
to heal anyone
or even humanity
to prove themselves
imbued with that ability

On the contrary. . .
they cure themselves first
and through their example
of courage and strength
inspire others who seek
balance and peace
to follow suit

v. Cutting Cords

We may ask ourselves
why toxic attachments
are a necessary component
of evolution

Contrast is a powerful tool—
the sole device
revealing your desire
through opposing circumstance

Cutting cords is not akin
to letting go—
one is a deliberate decision
to release what no longer proffers—
to leave the table
voluntarily when love
is no longer being served

The other
an unhealthy attachment
of vampiric proportions
holding on—
ciphering from the essence
of your light
to serve their own purpose

Energetic interlopers  
living in fear outside
of their authentic self  

Severing such cords
is essential to survive,
to maintain a healthy balance
in this physical world

Next to letting go
it's the most difficult
lesson to learn
and action to perform

if it involves someone
you love

Yet to grow, we must

vi. The Journey

Awakening is the journey
not the destination
Just as forging is doing
not creating, and it's mastered
by placing one foot
in front of the other

Recognizing our essence
and his essence, and hers
as only light and love
—two power sources
fueling 3-dimensional existence—

is awakening to truth

All else is growth

If you feel jealous
versus happy for another’s success
you haven't awakened yet

If you feel vindictive
contra forgiving of fault
you haven't awakened yet

Attempts to snuff another's light
that yours burns brighter
only means
you haven't awakened yet

All of the above: envy,
spiteful competitiveness
begin within self—
that human part of us
we too often blame
on others

Whatever we experience
is on us, no one else
The responsibility for our awakening
rests upon us, no one else

You can only change others
when you change yourself
and come home
to light and love—

Because once you see
people and situations
for what they really are
then nothing a sleeper does
can ever put you to sleep

This, and only this
is truly waking up

vii. Transitioning

Earth is challenging—
we come to navigate
emotions and illusions
of three-dimensional limits

We subsist solely to experience
and evolve through our own
detailed curriculum  

The end goal is to recognize
our mistakes as valuable tools
designed to excavate
human fear holding us back

Until we succeed
we retrograde
over and again
up to the time we overcome
through alternate circumstance

When all our journeys
—the variety of lives—
are complete, we station direct
gravitate toward the Source
of our existence

Our accumulated knowledge
is then absorbed
into collective consciousness

And we emerge cellules
in the body of God

In the End

In the end there is nothing
but the beginning—again
energetic light co-creating
in zero-emotional gravity
weightless in Being

Weaving progress
from the effulgence
into records of lives, books
without spines, words
struck as flint across pages
that don't exist
for the Great Library of awareness

Slideshow upon slideshow
from utero to death—
tracking transitory migrations
of our own free choice

Those flickerous explosions
who heralded their own destiny
through multi-dimensional experience

Cellular souls, oscillating
around the origin of their source
having survived countless
armies of contrast
for this singular moment
of Truth  

Written by Ahavati
Published | Edited 1st May 2022
Author's Note
Dedicated to JohnnyBlaze, whose light still brightly shines in the halls of DUP
And to Danny, whose memory is etched within its walls
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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