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Dwelling in the dominion in the hues of midnight    
Baring the burdensome credence of me, myself and I, walking the naked journey as you give authority to the worth of your steadfast plight    
You are you, and I am me, no need to compete with the path of your own feet        
Implementing its mendacity discernment of consolation      
Only the distorted revelations of self, dims the accountability, acceptability of the path of one’s cognizant vibrations      
Insights of the soul conveying into the darkness of its Heavenly meditation      
Resting in state of awareness, closing your eyes to veil the world’s calamities      
Evading the realm of the fifth dimension, asunder of mind, body, and soul in celestial influence, elevation of the Sahasrara in the sixth      
Seconds and minutes, brings no blessings upon the awakening of its guarantees      
Intellect neuron transmitters thriving at the peak of dawn before the alliance of body and soul remerge      
Heart palpitations faint as the body christens itself as it emotionally purge    
Dream state to lands before the Ying and Yang of time      
A visage of nostalgia once you open the portal of that third eye      
Evolution in its purest refraction      
Embryonic kindred from the womb’s elapsed Deja vu with each uterine contraction      
Pushed out the warmth of divine amniotic fluid in the Creator’s name      
The commencement of your fate, is yours, unto destiny to ordain sympathy, morality, or shame      
The wonderous of that traveling energy of our aura upon respirations we will always posses        
Astral projection in the synagogue of another sphere, unlocking the meaning of life, breathless in the shadows of death      
Ascertain to the awareness of self this is the only beginning of our wealth      
No such definition of failing the simplistic of humanity’s test      
Begging your conscious to put an end to it all      
Rebirth in the realm of Karma, your principle of living is the noose of Hell tenfold worse than the first fall      
In the cathedral of reality and virtuality when the presence stands in the sun      
Ideals, notions, success, no spiritualism to sustain, a fruitless gallop while on the run      
The only departure you will reap is being looked down upon and read of our deeds from off a eulogized piece of paper      
Beautiful flowers of baby breath, with white roses and entwined Heather      
Heads bowed in a ceremonial cremation or carried away in a beautiful pine box      
Barren supine vessel, spiritual ascending of an earthly gift to now spiritual unlock      
Life is to live, love, with laughter, and give receptive cheer      
And cleanse the soul with fallen tears      
So many people come to lay their burdens on altars and then raise up      
Communion to erase debauchery by sips of salvation from an ordained cup      
Hemispheres of the brain kissing the enlightenment of the subconscious      
Sublime in quantum bearing the fortitude of our essence      
and all its beautiful receptions whence      
Melatonin coated in the perception of the three wise men is where the presence of true intellectual stand      
Fortified and found in the hypothalamus, pituitary, and the pineal gland      
Tao is the universal’s blueprint      
Reopening of eyes and surviving this facet is measured upon how we circumvent
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
“If you have a good idea, use it so that you will not only accomplish something, but so that you can make room for new ones to flow into you.”

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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