Cat utopia lol

( Actually posted here today 5th September 2022)
Heya, meows,  
lets have our kitty get together. " mewed small kitty.  
Yeah, let's! Any mews, or how the humans say it, ' any news'? asked Kitty II  
"Not much," miaowed Boss Catty with a frustrated meow.  
' okey, I recall your laments from last time.
And I agreed with you. Continue the catharsis pal..." chimed in Kitty II sympathetically.  
"Ok, don't mock me,... I know George Orwell's novel 'Animal farm's just fantasy and fiction...but..."  
"Go on boss kitty. I hear you," mewed Kitty II earnestly.  
"Fantasy can be turned into reality as every reality mostly starts with fantasy'', uttered Boss Catty.  
" Meaning we can overpower the humans, overthrow their rule?" mewed small kitty in excited wonderment.  
" For starters, for an uprising, we must first rise on two legs.  
There's strength in being bipedal ", reflected Boss Catty.  
"Ahan, rising for an uprising, sounds great but... ooo..."  
"Ah, dont flinch so, small kitty, I didn't touch on any tabby taboos yet."  
" Nah, uncle Catty, you must be developing cataracts if you didn't see human shadows approaching under the doorway  
...let me check..."  
" I've actually heard it said as 'rise and shine, so we better shine our claws too then", hissed Kitty II.  
" They'll call me Catnapolion Boncatte soon!  
No more collar yokes on our necks!. á
They will treat us better than how Garfield's treated on telly...We have a mewsion vision, a mission".  
"I hope it's not 'Mission impossible' in reality" piped up small kitty as the key turned in the lock.  
" Nah, we're better than those slavish 'aristocats'. á
We can't cater to human wishes forever. "  
" We have to be the catalysts indeed.  
 This planet needs to be a cat's theatre and not 'all the world's a stage for...for humans only", meowed KittyII fervently.  
Sabrina the pet ownerá pushes the door open and pipes up in a catty voice,  
"Ok show's over felines, I'd rather you got catheters than cat theatres huh. I was eavesdropping, sorry.  
Even the big cats haven't overpowered us.  
áSo disperse and follow our 'divide and rule' protocol . á
Shoo! shoo! scoot or there will be catastrophe...."  
"I hope she doesn't mean catatonic euthanasia or something, so let's just disperse" whisperedá whiskered kittyII.á  
As the snubbed felines scatter and flee, KittyII consoles Boss kitty.  
" Jungle book and Tarzan too haven't yet become a reality for humans so I guess it's ok if they run the urban jungle for now...."😾😸  
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