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Shower after shower
scrubbing to erase him until your skin is raw
Letting the tears fall wildly
Praying your screams wont be heard through the walls
Stupid, stupid, you're so goddamn stupid
How could you fall for his lying eyes once more
Convincing yourself it's going to be real this time
But he never stays, leaving you to feel like a worthless used up whore
Your spirit inevitably becoming desolate
from broken promises that now he is finally here to stay
that he only pacifies her for the sake of their son
Hes done with the evilness and her heart that is rotten and decayed
You sob for the love you thought you had found
and the memory of what it it feels like with him, skin to skin
Only with him does Something once dead come alive inside of you
There is no world in which you wouldn't let him in
You can barely breathe as you melt into his body
As his gentle hands slowly caress your face
You try to keep your senses about you, but your heart gives in
Allowing his sweet nothings to leave hope in you that cannot be erased
Inside and out, every single inch of you has been awakened
Intoxicating electricity coursing through your veins
You cannot get him deep enough inside of you
You know there's no going back, you will never be the same
A love like this is uncharted and foreign to you
Never have you felt a passion so unbridled, wild and fierce
How can this beautiful human give you reason to look forward to the future
and also make you so inconsolable that nothing can stop the tears
How does his heart do it? I need to know how
He invites vulnerability in for all of his scars to show
Reliving and sharing each one as tears roll down his cheeks
How does he open up and then shut me out, please i really need to know
When he walks out my door I know where he is headed
I brace for the silence that follows and the apologies that never come
My head becomes a warzone, voices screaming over and on top of each other
I panic when I realize yet again I've allowed myself to be undone
What in the fuck is this madness
He must be a sorcerer of some kind
You once were so independent and guarded
Now you don't even recognize your own mind
You let him lie and you eat it up
You'll take whatever he is willing to give away
You na´ve desperate girl you should be embarrassed
While you're falling in love, to him you are just an easy lay
Written by TellyLace88 (Shantel)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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