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Gifts Of The Anunnaki I Bear Unto You

I have four special presents in front of me, you could say they are the benefaction to humanity’s call      
The secret gifts of life contained in all        
Offerings we set aside as we travel through this dimension, celestial planes cushioned, before the soldiers of light have taken falls        
Close your eyes, as I give you the embracing state of the world          
A time when hatred, ignorance, racism did not have occasions to intellectual unfurl        
Disappointments in learned agenda for an adult boy or an adult girl        
In the first small box, it is the gift of your celestial body, the galaxy, the invading planet of Earth          
Where feet have traveled, souls lowered in remembrance, embedded survival from the means of starvation, growth of its rich soil for a beautiful rebirth        
Destroyed by mankind which will become his curse        
Mud baths in grief, justice rites of the Ashura tribe, religion submissions in remembrance for lost soul’s communion in pain          
The wonder of tears from the sky to enliven vegetation, saturated the green effect with acid rain        
Spiritual ceremonial dance upon Mother Earth to bring luck to a crop’s gain        
The bigger box if you lift, or shake it, will not convey the miracles bestowed in your sphere’s midst        
It will unto you remain a blessed gift to sustain as a reincarnated spirit past the forty days after death shall drift    
The ghost of a soul must crossover or remain encased between two worlds, becoming a supernatural misfit      
The illumination of the ulema tarot moon, the warmth of the sun, the guiding stars        
Formed within the Creator’s hand, perfection of its elements in the realm of time considered us, ours        
Darkness’ reflection in the path of the luminist to lead mankind home, freedom from us, given to me        
Gamma rays coating hues, worshiping temples with a la natural Vitamin D          
Twinkling in the midnight sky, light years away          
On bent knees wishing upon shooting fate, needs, wants to materialize be that it may        
Sliding the next box to you, bowing in respect with a silent prayer        
Slowing raising the lid off, I humbly give civilization regal breaths of air        
From the tapped springs, cool streams saturating your tongue when electrolytes need replenished        
Debauched temples need to purify in ceremonial christenings, as sins forgiven, diminished        
Don’t peer to close, shone your eyes        
Heaven and Hell in the core shall always coincide        
Sizzling needs to mouths it will feed, the elements to heat found in the crackles of fire        
The lifeline support to sustain mankind, burns upon a pyre, feast of famine to partake of its delicious gourmet desires        
Here’s unto the renounce of the third box, hands tremble to reveal        
Armageddon in the Book of Revelation resonances from the foothills        
Atomic radiation permeates the continents        
False contestants will lead to the battle under global pretense        
Death, destruction, up to the horse’s bridle        
Weapon of mass destruction will be to the hands its idol        
Cries, yells, heard in a path of dismal, upon the land, dark        
Sodom and Gomorrah shall rain brimstone, the Morning Star shall raise, taking sinful beings unto his bottomless Arc        
A box the lid cannot be replaced          
Wretched souls, eyes blackened, mouths in allegiance spewing hell, asunder of grace to salvation shall be touched upon every, man, woman, child of every race        
Tears of the left behind shall fall from cheeks upon the mark of the beast’s face        
Signed From The Mothership,        
The Anunnaki          
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 21st Feb 2022
Author's Note
That doomsday idea is in everybody's subconscious.

Alycia Debnam-Carey
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