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Mutilating the Wicked

You're pumped full of adrenaline and your eyelids are cut off
So you can't shield your eyes or pass out from anything
As I tighten the restraints on your wrists and ankles and head
Forcing you down so only your body is mobile and your face upwards

You lay upon a dissection table scared after the horrors you've witnessed
And you wonder to yourself if you shall meet the same fate as they did
You stare upwards at the mirror that's suspended from the ceiling
You see yourself tied down with this man grabbing a set of knives
And you know that the torture is about to begin, but nothing can prepare you
For the suffering that you are about to endure by my sadistic, vengeful hands

I begin to cut into your skin through your chest and abdomen watching your blood
As it flows out of your more superficial veins within your skin but not your muscles
The pain that you feel now is nothing compared to what you will very soon
Even though you scream in pure agony now as I skin your frontal torso
And your blood flows from your naked torso onto the floor below

So I hook up the IV with blood into your veins in your wrist to keep you alive
And make sure that you don't die too soon from bleeding out on me
I begin to skin parts of your arms and legs as well as your neck exposing the muscle
And I cover each and every fiber of your exposed muscle in a fine layer of powdered glass

I attach a car battery to the steel table that you lay on and electricity runs through you
Your body convulses from the shock and as your muscles move the glass cuts into you
Slicing their way deeper and deeper until they grind against bone as you seizure uncontrollably
Until I finally show you some mercy and detach one side of the clip attached to the battery
Thereby releasing you from the electric shock that had caused you so much agony

You think it may be all over with your muscles ripped and torn, your body almost useless
But you have yet to realize that I am nowhere near done with you yet
I reproduce the same dull scalpel that had skinned you earlier now sharpened with a new blade
That I had placed on it while you were convulsing from your little shock therapy
And I begin to slice through your already torn muscles in your chest and abdomen towards
Your internal organs and thoracic cavity in your chest to torment you with as well

I take my time removing each of your muscles one by one and I inject you with more adrenaline
To make sure you don't pass out before I'm through with you and your punishment
When I finally finish removing your muscles I lap up the excess blood that's still dripping
And eat a piece of your flesh raw tasting it's rawness and bloody saltiness to it
You see up in that mirror that is above you all of this and now are staring at your internal body

You can see all of your internal organs minus your brain inside of you and venerable to destruction
I then cut out your kidneys, bladder, and intestines and begin to empty them out into a bowl
That I put off to the side for the moment filled with your excrement: shit and urine
I then begin to carve into your face towards the muscles surrounding your lower mandible
Making sure that you can't move your jaw at all when I begin to torment your sense of taste

I then take a large pair of pliers and begin to pull out your teeth one by one with no mercy
Pulling each one out through the side instead of straight out ripping your gums out by the teeth
I then grab the bowl that I had filled earlier and emptied some of it's contents into your mouth
You immediately begin to vomit so I loosen the restraint on your head on one side so you can turn it
And vomit out shit, piss, blood, and your last meal without it choking you in your throat and finally
When you are all vomited out I force some of your vomit back into your mouth and make you swallow it

What's left of your functioning muscles begin to quiver with disgust and agony over the painful mouth
As well as the sheer thought that you have just consumed your excrement and puke after vomiting
I then reattach the restraints to full purpose back on your skull and grab a diamond-tipped circular saw
And begin to saw off one of the top vertebrae on your spine and another one near your pelvis
I add even more powdered glass to your existing exposed muscles throughout your entire body

I attach the same clips from the table that had fried you before onto your exposed spinal cord
Your muscles that still have the ability to contract all suddenly contract ripping all of your muscles again
Each little movement you make causes more and more devastation in your body the blood toll immense
So much blood you've shed and at this point you very well may run out of blood, so I attach more IVs
Filled with blood directly to your vital organs so you will live even longer as well as even more adrenaline

With that failing due to your sheer lack of blood and will to survive any longer I know you're close
To dying right there on that table so I begin to get a grip upon your still beating heart in your chest
And I pull it right out of your body holding it over me and catching the dripping blood with my mouth
When it stops dripping I bite into it savoring it's metallic flavor and I gaze upon your now dead corpse
And I grab a sledgehammer knowing there's one last thing I want done to you before I leave

I raise it up over my head and I bring it down hard upon your skull making it shrapnel for a moment
Turning your brain, eyes, and tongue into a mesh of blood and gore that I savor the sight of
To think all you did to deserve all of this is rape a woman whose already in love with another
Already devoted herself to another in engagement and in her anguish and sorrow of trauma she takes
Her own life leaving her lover alone as he once was for so many years before he found her
You had taken her from me so I made you watch me take your very mother and little sister from you

You watched me mutilate them though not as badly as you but raped them in their final moments as well
Your little sister was a virgin as well it seemed but in her final moments I took that from her
All you had to do was keep your dick to yourself but it seems you can't control your own hormones
So now, I've taken every single part of you that's breakable and crushed it beyond repair
Your mental and emotional state before your death was one no psychiatrist or psychologist could repair
And now your physical body is in so many pieces a master puzzle maker couldn't put you back together

Perhaps Lucifer himself will show you pity in Hell while you're there in sorrow of what you've endured
But don't count on a reprieve for very long, for when I myself die and sent to the darkest pits of Hell
I will slice Lucifer to bits if I must to get to you and when I do with all of the worldly limits out of my way
You will know true suffering far beyond what you have endured tonight by a long shot and you'll wish
That Lucifer himself was bringing his full rage upon your very soul with his torment forced onto you
And I will punish you like this in Hell... Forever

Owned by Dustin Smith: Bastardofbodom666
Written by bastardofbodom666 (Helvete Blod)
Published | Edited 20th Mar 2012
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