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A Haitian French Creole

Louisiana with a Haitian French Creole twist  
Feeling in the mood for a little generational reminisce    
New Orleans on my mind †  
Itís time, I relax, wine, and dine †  
The soothing sounds of the Jazz Clubs †  
A city of my embedded history I have so much love †  
Creole and Cajun food, the various articulated accents †  
A true homecoming to hear stories of old with kinfolks, always well spent †  
Hear me talk, Haitian Creole Yat, combined with an Eastern enunciation twine †  
Years trying to bury, I tell you no hidden lies †  
Linguistics diversified †  
Talking to patients, with listening intentions in their eyes †  
Glimpsing the raised eyebrows expression in their whys †  
Butter Rum skin tone, doesnít match the deep southern-rooted, Haitian in disguise †  
Engaging voice by a profession, healing decree by foretold choice †  
Something Iím proud of when conversing, as my ancestors in their graves rejoice †  
Wine, pleasure seeking, you hear that twine, it tends to roll out †  
No resentments to adhere, or lingering doubts †  
Muscular eyes popping open, inquiries as to what language is spoken †  
Entwined Haitian Creole as tongues have slipped and awoken †  
My native dialect, east coast flair, merged into one †  
My familyís generational homebound of nationality has been proudly won †  
Wealth of history snatched by French designs †  
Moorish Forbearer, Lineage, Ancestral to stand, questioned by the tormentorís whips and lies †  
Nubian Queen? You damn straight †  
Times such as this, pride refuse to wait †  
My lineage is not open for debate †  
Or words of my doctrines to rate †  
French stole, Spaniard claimed it, here today, itís just too late †  
For the history that runs through my veins †  
My creed, my presence is all of me who remains †  
Hispaniola Saint-Domingue †  
Coffee and Sugar Cane †  
Sweltering heat, no rest or shelter in the pouring rain †  
Code Noir †  
Cries from the cotton fields no more †  
French Revolution †  
Freedom was the ultimate solution †  
My ancestral broken chains, their civil resolution †  
Blood on hands from plantation retribution †  
No forefatherís ablution †  
Given a one fifth citizenship, documented in the Constitution †  
Sins of the forefathers, medication now controlling their childrenís mental pollution †  
Queen of Queens, yes within my birthright †  
However, embezzled legacy from the French Rulers in dawnís early light †  
Give me Liberty or Give me Death †  
The fate of my lineage, scars of whips, to give other countries their treasured wealth †  
Fleets of ships that sailed †  
Bodies dropping like heads or tails †  
Breathing Heads accounted to live †  
Expired Tails, a sea coffin, no free labor to give †  
A Mambo Asogwe of Haiti, village Appointee †  
Healing from the element laws of spiritual degrees †  
Oh yes, part of the seeds of my heredity †  
Practiced in colonized solidarity, now an adopted creed †  
I may have to brush up on my French very soon †  
Two-sided dialogue in attendance, under one roof, is like a mental trip to the moon †  
A tale of two cities will soon meet trifold †  
Haitian French †  
Mulatto Parentages †  
Haitian Creole †  
Everlasting Kingdoms of warriors, carnage from royal, no longer roaming souls †  
From the Native Islands to the Louisiana Bayous, to the East Coast spiritual advisers to console †  
This is the introverted reason why I have adopted universal love †  
To collapse the invisible restraints of detestation God has stored in me from above †  
It never hurts with a touch of Love and Hugs  

1st Edition (Published 3rd Feb 2020- Louisiana With A Haitian French Creole Twist)  

Picture is compliments of Pinterest
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

Marcus Garvey
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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